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Most Powerful Passports in the World

One of the most important factors for tourists in choosing the country to travel to is the opportunity to travel without a visa. In this article you will find answers to the following questions: What are the most valuable passports in the world What is the most valuable passport in the world Which countries have the strongest passports

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Most Populated Cities in the World

What are the most populated cities in the world, Which are the most populated cities in the world, Which is the most populous city in the world, which is the world's largest city in Istanbul, etc. Be sure to take a look at our article where we answer questions.

What is the Population of Turkey

What is Turkey's population? What is the population of Istanbul? What is the population growth rate in Turkey? If you are wondering about the answers to questions such as, take a look at our article based on the data announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute.

The Most Worthless Currencies

Many of us know and closely follow the world's most valuable, strongest and stable currencies. But what if we reversed the assessment and thought of the world's cheapest and most worthless currencies, which would they be? Does anyone know the names of these currencies and where they are?