European Countries Not Using the Euro

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Recently, with the US dollar almost equalizing in value with the euro, questions such as "why did the euro lose value" and "which countries use the euro" have become more common. Of course the Euro is one of the most valuable currencies in the world, despite the recent partial depreciation. That's why it becomes a problem for citizens of many countries who want to travel to Europe.

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So do all countries in Europe use the Euro? Of course no! There are many countries in Europe that do not use the Euro. If you have the thought of both traveling to Europe and not experiencing Euro pressure, you can add countries that do not use Euros in Europe to your travel list.

There are many European countries that do not use the Euro and offer very economical holiday options. For this reason, we would like to tell you about the cheap European countries to visit and see. Traveling to Europe, discovering the cheapest places in Europe will be much more enjoyable than you think. There are many places to see and many activities to do in these countries.

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What is the Eurozone? Which Countries Use the Euro?

Countries Not Using Euro

  • Albania: Albanian Lek
  • Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani Manat
  • Belarus: Belarusian Ruble
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark
  • Bulgaria: Bulgarian Lev
  • Czech Republic: Czech Koruna
  • Denmark: Danish Krone
  • Georgia: Georgian Lari
  • Croatia: Croatian Kuna
  • England: British Pound
  • Scotland: British Pound
  • Sweden: Swedish Krona
  • Switzerland: Swiss Franc
  • Iceland: Icelandic Krona
  • Liechtenstein: Swiss Franc
  • Hungary: Hungarian Forint
  • Macedonia: Macedonian Denar
  • Moldova: Moldovan Leu
  • Norway: Norwegian Krone
  • Poland: Polish Zloty
  • Romania: Romanian Leu
  • Serbia: Serbian Dinar
  • Ukraine: Ukrainian Hryvnia

Countries That are Members of the EU But Don't Use the Euro

Not all EU member states are currently in the Eurozone.

EU member states that are not in the Eurozone must join the Eurozone when they meet the criteria. (Except Denmark)

Countries that are members of the European Union but do not use the euro are as follows;

  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark (voluntarily)
  • Croatia
  • Sweden (voluntarily)
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Romania

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