Largest Cities in Europe

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Although Europe is one of the most densely populated regions of the world, unlike many other parts of the world, the European population is fairly evenly distributed over the continent's territory. That's why the majority of European cities, with a few exceptions, do not have large populations. While we can show that some European countries are relatively small as the reason for this, it is possible to say that other large countries have more than one big city rather than a single big capital city. For example, in the United Kingdom, London is the most populous city (and the third largest European city) with around 9 million inhabitants, but there are a few other important cities such as Nottingham, Liverpool and Birmingham with populations close to around 1 million.

If we examine the data of Europe's most populated cities, we see that only 3 cities exceed the population limit of 10 million, while 10 cities have a population of 3 million or more.

Let's take a look at the most populated cities in Europe.

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Most Populated City in Europe

Largest Cities in Europe

While some debate whether they are culturally European or part of the European Union,

  • Istanbul in Turkey
  • Moscow in Russia

are by far the largest cities in the European continent.

As of 2024, Istanbul is by far the most populous and largest city in Europe with a population of approximately 15 million. Moscow, the capital of Russia, follows Istanbul with its population of more than 12 million. (Also, Saint Petersburg is in the top five with a population of about 5 million)

However, the populations of these cities are quite high and highly divergent compared to the populations of other cities in Europe. It would not be a lie if we say that the populations of other cities in Europe cannot even approach these two cities. What is the population of the major cities of Europe?

Most Populated Cities in Europe

Many of the cities in the list of the most populated cities in Europe are also the capitals of the countries. For example, Paris and London, which are the capitals of France and the United Kingdom, are also the capitals of the country.

The ranking of the most populated cities in Europe by population, including the cities that come to mind first when Europe is mentioned, such as Rome, Paris, London, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin, is as follows;

City Country Population (Million)
1 Istanbul Turkey 15.4
2 Moscow Russia 12.1
3 London United Kingdom 9.1
4 St. Petersburg Russia 5.3
5 Berlin Germany 3.7
6 Madrid Spain 3.2
7 Kyiv Ukraine 2.9
8 Rome Italy 2.8
9 Bucharest Romania 2.1
10 Paris France 2.1
11 Minsk Belarus 1.9
12 Vienna Austria 1.9
13 Hamburg Germany 1.8
14 Warsaw Poland 1.7
15 Budapest Hungary 1.7

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