The Best Tourist Places in Uzungöl

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Visitors to Uzungol Lake are in for a treat as they immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural beauty that envelops this serene destination. Nestled within the scenic landscapes of Trabzon, amidst hills and lakes of varying sizes, Uzungol stands out as one of the region's most captivating lakes. Situated in Caykara, approximately 100 km from the heart of Trabzon city, this picturesque lake resides in a valley embraced by mountains, offering mesmerizing vistas. Enveloped by dense forests, Uzungol often finds itself shrouded in mist, enhancing the ethereal charm of the surroundings.

Where is Uzungöl?

Uzungöl is situated in the Çaykara district of Trabzon, one of the prominent cities in the Black Sea region. Recognized as one of Turkey's significant lake tourism destinations, Uzungöl has been designated as a protected area by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, proclaiming it as a tourism center.

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How was Uzungöl Formed?

Before delving into the travel guide, let's briefly discuss the origin of this legendary beauty. Many years ago, a landslide in the region resulted in the closure of Haldizen Creek from both sides, leading to the formation of this natural wonder as water filled the gap in the middle. Uzungöl, our country's apple of the eye, owes its name to its enchanting landscapes, stretching approximately 1000 meters in length, 500 meters in width, and around 15 meters in depth.

Why Should You Visit Uzungöl?

Nestled between the Kaçkar and Soğanlı Mountains, Uzungöl sparkles like a bead in the unique greenery of the Black Sea. To truly appreciate the breathtaking visual spectacle, it's advisable to climb to higher altitudes and witness this indescribable panorama. The beauty amidst the greens, complemented by the unique blueness, is truly captivating. However, the presence of hotels can be distracting. Unfortunately, this marvelous scenery has been surrounded by concrete structures, a regrettable consequence of human intervention. Despite the impact on its natural charm, Uzungöl continues to shine like a bead, defying all odds.

So, ignore those who say, "Uzungöl is not what it used to be; it's not worth visiting anymore." While you're here, make sure to pay a visit. This place still offers a fantastic route to escape the city's stress and replenish your lungs with the unique air of the Black Sea.

When Should You Visit Uzungöl?

Every season has its own charm in Uzungöl. However, due to weather conditions, you might prefer the summer months to fully enjoy the beauty of nature and the scenery. This way, you can indulge in natural wonders and also participate in activities like paragliding, hiking, ATV or jeep safari tours while soaking in the stunning views. For those who prefer camping to appreciate nature, there are also camping areas available.

Places to See in Uzungöl

Uzungöl Mosque

Uzungöl Mosque

At the top of our list of places to visit in Uzungöl is the Uzungöl Mosque. Serving as one of Uzungöl's symbols, the mosque is located near the Kemer Bridge, the only bridge over Haldizen Creek, just below Şerah Village. This area is considered the busiest and central spot. The Uzungöl Mosque, a visually impressive structure, was built in 2002. Despite its relatively recent construction, it integrates seamlessly with Uzungöl, visible from 600 meters away with its minarets. Periodic maintenance work is carried out to preserve the visual beauty of the mosque. We recommend visiting the Uzungöl Mosque, especially in the evening, as it offers a captivating sight, creating magnificent visual feast snapshots for professional photographers.

Uzungöl Plateaus

Uzungöl Plateaus

In your Uzungöl travel itinerary, make sure to include visits to the plateaus. Especially, Haldizen Plateau is a must-see. Located about 20 km from Uzungöl, the plateau unveils a magnificent visual spectacle, particularly during the spring and summer months. A visit to Haldizen Plateau is highly recommended before leaving Uzungöl. Additionally, Şekersu Plateau, Garester Plateau, Traşkapanı Plateau, Veli Plateau, Büyük Plateau, Multat Plateau, Lustra Plateau, Tabanoz Plateau, and Derindere Plateau are other places in Uzungöl that you shouldn't miss.

Şekersu Plateau

Another plateau you must visit during your Uzungöl tour is Şekersu Plateau. Located in the Çaykara region and one of the most beautiful places in Trabzon, this plateau, formerly known as Sakarsu, is adjacent to the villages of Karaçam and Yaylaönü at the foothills of the Soğanlı Mountains. Closed to settlement in winter due to unfavorable climatic conditions, this plateau is worth exploring, especially in the summer months. It is 37 kilometers away from the town center of Çaykara. We recommend adding Şekersu Plateau to your list of places to visit in Uzungöl. Keeping in mind the detail that it is closed in winter is essential. Situated at a high altitude, this plateau is easily accessible during the summer.

Haldizen Plateau

One of the liveliest places in the Black Sea region, Haldizen Plateau, also known as Demirkapı Plateau, is among the must-see places in Uzungöl. You can easily reach this plateau from Şerah Village, which is 16 kilometers away from Uzungöl, through a forest road. Consisting of three neighborhoods, Haldizen Plateau boasts a magnificent atmosphere and visual beauty.

Garester Plateau

Another beautiful plateau worth visiting in Uzungöl is Garester Plateau, located to the south of Uzungöl. Once you ascend to this plateau, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Uzungöl that you won't get tired of watching. As the road is a bit winding, reaching the plateau takes about 45 minutes. If you want to say you have explored the Black Sea region, you must definitely see this plateau. Known for its warm-hearted people and famous for its honeyed milk, this plateau offers an unforgettable view of Uzungöl amidst the clouds. Haldizen Plateau, hosted by Demirkapı, which reaches almost 3,400 meters in elevation, and Karakaya Mountains, reaching an altitude of 3,200 meters, is also famous for its glacial crater lakes in the surrounding area.

Lustra Plateau

Another plateau on the list of places to visit in Uzungöl is Lustra Plateau. Located about half an hour away from Uzungöl, this plateau is famous for its lush vegetation, abundant oxygen, and scenery, just like all the other plateaus.

If you have your own vehicle, you can easily reach Lustra Plateau. For those without private transportation, there are minibuses departing from Uzungöl in the summer months. However, it's advisable to check this transportation method during each summer period. If public transportation is not available, you can also join day tours organized in the region.

The plateaus mentioned above are among the most visited by tourists around Uzungöl. Of course, the plateaus to be visited are not limited to these. Besides these, if you want to explore more plateaus and see natural wonders, you can visit Derindere, Tabanoz, Traşkapanı, Veli, and Multat Plateaus. If you have more time to spare, it's highly recommended to explore these plateaus around.

Şerah Village

Şerah Village, with its traditional houses unique to the Black Sea, is one of the tourism centers of Uzungöl. For those wondering where to visit in Uzungöl, Şerah Village is one of the recommended stops where you can witness the magnificent nature of Çaykara. Don't forget to add this village to your Uzungöl travel itinerary.

Uzungöl Nature Conservation National Parks Directorate Viewing Terrace

At the DKMP Viewing Terrace, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Uzungöl from a great vantage point. Whether by car or by climbing the stairs from the lake, you can reach this enjoyable viewing terrace. It's worth mentioning that the road is a bit narrow if you come by car. This viewing terrace at Uzungöl is one of the best, with its non-glass structure harmonizing well with nature. The location of the DKMP Viewing Terrace is well chosen, allowing plenty of opportunities for taking photos. Drone flying has become quite popular lately, but it is prohibited here, with penalties being imposed instantly. If you are interested in flying a drone, you should be aware that it is not allowed here.

Uzungöl Dursun Ali İnan Museum

Among the places to visit in Uzungöl is the Dursun Ali İnan Museum, a unique location that has been built with 50 years of effort. This museum, which adds a different atmosphere to Uzungöl, is established through the extraordinary efforts of Dursun Ali İnan. It consists of three parts in total, featuring sculptures and furniture made from tree roots collected by Dursun Ali İnan, as well as written and visual content about Uzungöl's history, culture, geography, fauna, flora, social life, and many other characteristics.

Uzungöl Mini Waterfall

There is no clear information about whether this waterfall, which you can see on the way to the DKMP viewing terrace, is natural or man-made. Nevertheless, if you want to see this waterfall, you can take photos and add them to your memories.

Swinging Enjoyment in Uzungöl

When you come to Uzungöl, enjoying the swing after delightful breakfasts is a unique experience. When you swing, you feel like you're about to fly against the backdrop of the scenery. There are many swing points around Uzungöl. In fact, there are so many swings everywhere that they appear almost everywhere. Choosing the right spot for the swing is crucial. For this, you need to select the best viewpoint in Uzungöl. If you want to have a swing photo in Uzungöl, you can take a photo in the place that resonates with you the most among the places you visit. To extend tourism activities in Uzungöl throughout the year, the Uzungöl Nature Swing Festival has been started. The main theme of this festival is, of course, the swing. Apart from the swing, other activities such as snowmobiling, skiing, making snowmen, nature walks, snowball fights, and horon dance are also planned. 

How to Get to Uzungöl?

Uzungöl is located 19 kilometers from the Çaykara district and approximately 100 kilometers from Trabzon. To reach Uzungöl, you need to first arrive in Trabzon and then pass through Cumapazarı, Dernekpazarı, and Çaykara districts, ultimately arriving at this natural wonder. The road is quite smooth, allowing you to reach Uzungöl without any difficulty in every season.

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