What is the Population of Turkey

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Address Based Population Registration System Results, 2023

The Turkish Statistical Institute announced that the population of Turkey was 85,279,553 people in 2022.

The resident population in Turkey reached 85,279,553 people as of December 31, 2022, increasing by 599,280 individuals compared to the previous year.

The male population was 42,704,112, while the female population was 42,575,441. In other words, men constituted 50.1% of the total population, and women made up 49.9%.

According to the results of the Address-Based Population Registration System, the foreign population residing in Turkey increased by 31,800 individuals compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 1,823,836 people. This population was composed of 49.5% males and 50.5% females.

Turkey Population Growth Rate (2022)

Population and annual population growth rate, 2007-2022

The annual population growth rate was 7.1 per thousand in the year 2022.

  • 2021: 12.7 per thousand
  • 2020: 5.5 per thousand

Population and annual population growth rate, 2007-2022

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What is the Population of Istanbul

The population of Istanbul was 15.907.951 people.

The population of Istanbul increased by 67,051 people compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 15,907,951 people.

Istanbul, where 18.65% of Turkey's population resides, was followed by

  • Ankara with 5,782,285 people,
  • İzmir with 4,462,056 people,
  • Bursa with 3,194,720 people,
  • Antalya with 2,688,004 people.

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Median Age of the Population in Turkey

The median age is the age that separates the population into two equal halves, with half being younger and half being older when the ages of individuals are arranged from smallest to largest. The median age is also an important indicator used to interpret the age structure of the population.

In Turkey, the median age, which was 33.1 in 2021, increased to 33.5 in 2022.

When examined by gender, it was observed that the median age for males increased from 32.4 to 32.8, while for females, it increased from 33.8 to 34.2 in the year 2022.

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