Affordable Holiday Destinations in 2024

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Are you one of those who say that traveling abroad, exploring new places, and experiencing reflections of different cultures are great, but traveling to a foreign country is too expensive? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. Because in the content I have prepared, I have compiled routes that will not shake the budgets of those who want to explore different cultures and are filled with enjoyable experiences.

Let's get started.

  1. Albania
  2. Georgia
  3. Bulgaria
  4. North Macedonia
  5. Romania
  6. Hungary
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. Serbia
  9. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. India
  11. Montenegro

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11 Countries To Travel For A Cheaper Holiday

1. Albania


Albania, which has earned a place in the list of budget-friendly countries, offers an ideal route for a seaside vacation with its coastal cities Durres and Saranda. If you are someone who prefers a cultural vacation over a beach holiday, Albania is also among the budget-friendly countries that will satisfy you.

If you choose Albania for an affordable international trip without needing a visa, I recommend staying in Tirana. This is because the capital Tirana is very close to many places worth visiting.

When in Tirana, Skanderberg Square, the National History Museum, and Hacı Ethem Bey Mosque are must-visit places.

If you visit the country, I suggest trying Elbasan Tava and the delicious pastry variety Byrek.

If you want to go to Albania for an affordable international vacation, all you need is a Tirana plane ticket.

  • Currency in Albania: Albanian Lek

2. Georgia


Access to the country is possible by bus, private vehicle, and plane. The capital of the country is Tbilisi, and the city of Batumi offers extremely enjoyable routes.

If you are heading to Tbilisi, I recommend visiting the Narikala Fortress, Sameba Cathedral, the modern pedestrian bridge Bridge of Peace, and the Jvari Monastery. If you wish to cleanse yourself with the healing waters of thermal springs, you should spend time at the Sulfur Baths.

If you are going to another important city, Batumi, make sure to see the lush Batumi Botanical Garden, the Ali and Nino statues, the ancient Roman fortress Gonio Fortress, and Miracle Park.

In addition to the places you will visit, don't forget to indulge in plenty of Khachapuri and Khinkali, as I mentioned earlier. Once you taste these delicious dishes, I'm sure Georgia will become a frequently visited destination for you. You can embark on a journey towards the most suitable option for you among Tbilisi hotels or Batumi hotels to experience unique moments.

  • Currency in Georgia: Georgian Lari

3. Bulgaria


Bulgaria, with its nature, rich history, and cultural mosaic, is one of the countries that can be visited throughout the year and is a choice for an affordable vacation. The country, whose capital Sofia is recognized among the cultural capitals of Europe, stands out with its successful libraries and museums in different cities.

If you choose Bulgaria for your international trip in the winter, you can go to Bansko for skiing. If you plan to visit the country in a different season, you can go to Sofia or Varna. If you go to Sofia, you should visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Boyana Church, the National Palace of Culture, and the National History Museum. If you turn your route to Varna, make sure to see Aladzha Monastery, Primorski Park, Varna Archaeological Museum, and the Roman Baths.

Speaking of food, you must try Kebapche, Lozovi Sarmi, Musaka, and the delicious and nutritious Shopska Salad. You can embark on a journey to the country's beauty-filled capital by getting a Sofia plane ticket.

  • Currency in Bulgaria: Bulgarian Lev

4. North Macedonia

North Macedonia

Situated in Southeast Europe, Macedonia is one of the most beautiful Balkan countries that can be preferred for an affordable international vacation. While touring the country, you may come across traces of its Ottoman past, as it was under Ottoman rule for an extended period in the past. If you choose to go to the country, I strongly recommend seeing Skopje and Ohrid.

If your route leads you to the capital, Skopje, you should visit the Turkish Bazaar, Matka Canyon, Skopje Fortress, the iconic Stone Bridge, and Vodno for an unforgettable nature trip. If your preference is for Ohrid, you should explore Lake Ohrid, the Samuel Fortress, St. John's Church, and St. Clement's Church. Of course, when it comes to Macedonia, there's another place you must see, and that is the Military High School in the city of Bitola, where Atatürk also received education.

If you make it to Macedonia, there are flavors you must try. Rich and eggy dessert Kaymakcina, delicious breakfast spread Ajvar, tasty Macedonian pastries, Macedonian-style kebabs Cevapi, and Macedonian stuffed peppers Polneti Piperki will be unforgettable tastes.

  • Currency in Macedonia: Macedonian Denar

5. Romania


Romania, which can be considered among budget-friendly European countries, uses the Romanian Leu as its currency. This makes traveling to the country cheaper compared to other alternatives where the Euro is used. The combination of low travel costs and the country being filled with highly enjoyable experiences, especially in the capital Bucharest, might make Romania an ideal choice for your next journey.

If you plan to visit Romania, I recommend choosing Bucharest as your stay, as it is not only close to significant attractions but also the liveliest part of the country. Here, you should see the Palace of the Parliament, the Athenaeum, Stavropoleos Monastery, the Arcul de Triumf, the National Museum of Art of Romania, and Cismigiu Park. After exploring all these places, I'm confident you'll find yourself saying, "I'm glad I came to Romania."

When your journey takes you to Romania, the most special flavors you must try include Sarmale prepared with cabbage, tripe soup Ciorba de burta, Chiftele resembling our meatballs, the important accompaniment to main dishes, Mamaliga (polenta dish), and the dessert Papanași with blueberry and cheese sauce. Different experiences, delicious meals, and beautiful places to see are just a plane ticket away from Bucharest.

  • Currency in Romania: Romanian Leu

6. Hungary


Once again, I've come with a beautiful suggestion from Europe. Hungary, with its capital Budapest standing out for its beauty, cultural mosaic, and captivating attractions, is another destination where you can have an affordable international vacation.

If you choose Hungary for your journey, you should definitely stay in Budapest. Because Budapest is close to most of the country's must-see places and is also a very beautiful city. When you visit Budapest, some of the places you must see include the Hungarian Parliament Building, Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Buda Castle, St. Stephen's Basilica, Heroes' Square, and Fisherman's Bastion.

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Of course, when it comes to Hungary, we need to talk a bit about Hungarian cuisine. Layered cake Dobos Torte, meaty and flavorful dish Goulash, the cherry soup, which may sound strange at first but is beloved by the locals, and Kürtos Kalacs, are just a few of the flavors I think you will enjoy. You can embark on a journey to different experiences by simply purchasing a Budapest plane ticket.

  • Currency in Hungary: Hungarian Forint

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7. Azerbaijan


Another route you can consider for an affordable international trip is Azerbaijan. Especially, the capital city Baku will win your admiration with its beautiful attractions, delicious cuisine, and unique atmosphere. One of the best aspects of traveling to Azerbaijan is that you can enter the country with just your chipped ID card. In other words, you can embark on a journey to Azerbaijan even if you don't have a visa or a passport.

If you go to Baku, you should visit the Inner City, the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, Maiden Tower, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, and many other beautiful places.

Delicious pastry Dushbara, Azerbaijani Pilaf prepared with ingredients like dried apricot, chestnut, and chicken, Baku Baklava that differs from the one in our country as it contains saffron, and another delicious sweet of the country, Shekerbura, are unique flavors you shouldn't miss when you visit Azerbaijan. To explore a different culture without needing a passport, all you need is a Baku plane ticket.

  • Currency in Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani Manat

8. Serbia


With its delicious cuisine, magnificent attractions within its borders, and unique culture, Serbia is among the places that come to mind when cheap international travel is mentioned. Serbia, which is visited by a large number of people every year, might just be the next destination for you.

If you go to Serbia, I recommend staying in Belgrade and prioritizing points such as Belgrade Fortress, Saint Sava Cathedral, Nikola Tesla Museum, the National Museum of Serbia, and Kneza Mihaila while in the city.

As I mentioned earlier, the country's cuisine is also highly acclaimed. Breakfast spread Ajvar, Serbian meatballs Cevapi, Gibanica made with white cheese and creamy filling, cornbread Proja, and the walnut-shaped dessert Orasnice are must-try delicacies. You can set out on your journey by purchasing a Belgrade plane ticket.

9. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Another budget-friendly international travel destination you can consider is Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country, known for its natural beauty, also draws attention with its rich culture. Sarajevo and Mostar are the two most visited and popular cities in the country. You can turn your international travel route to one of these two cities.

In Sarajevo, I recommend seeing Bascarsija, the Tunnel of Hope, Latin Bridge, Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque, Sarajevo City Hall, and Bjelasnica Mountain. If you prefer to go to Mostar, the first place you must see is, of course, the Mostar Bridge. While in Mostar, don't miss the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque, the Neretva River, the Crooked Bridge, and the Karagözbey Mosque.

If you go to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you should definitely try Bosnian burek.

  • Currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark (BAM)

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10. India


I can almost hear the wish of every Bollywood enthusiast saying, "I wish I could go to India" after closing every Indian movie. Before getting on the plane, it's beneficial to get the vaccinations recommended by the health ministry.

You can reach the country with approximately a 5-hour flight. Moreover, with easy visa and flight options, traveling is quite budget-friendly. You can explore many cities in an affordable way, especially starting with the capital Delhi. You can satisfy your appetite with a delicious meal for just $2.5. In this country, you can also experience luxury in terms of accommodation and dining.

While in India, places you must visit include the Taj Mahal and Amber Fort. In addition, Qutub Minar, Jaipur Palace, and the Ganges River are must-visit destinations.

It's essential to mention a few points that will be useful during your travels. You can bargain and get everything at a lower price than quoted. Be prepared for spicy meals, and if you are sensitive, you should have alternatives. Avoid using tap water.

  • Currency in India: Indian Rupee (INR)

11. Montenegro


In this country, which is more affordable than Europe, you can have a holiday under the influence of European vibes. Although it has a small land area, I recommend renting a car as there are many places to explore in the country. There are plenty of places to discover, but first and foremost, you should consider adding Kotor, Dobrota, and the Lady of the Rocks to your list. Instead of museum and cultural tourism, it offers a holiday experience where you can immerse yourself in natural beauties and bays.

  • Currency in Montenegro: Euro

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