European Cities You Can Visit Without Using the Euro

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If there are those among you who think how many countries are left in Europe that do not use the Euro, this list will satisfy all your curiosity. Do not be afraid, we did not fill the list with Scandinavian countries, which are very expensive, because the Euro is not used, we followed a more logical path. Below are 7 city options for European countries that do not use the Euro, let's take a look together.

Cheapest Cities in Europe to Visit

1. Belgrade


Belgrade is one of the first places that come to mind when you set aside cities such as Paris, Rome and Barcelona that come to mind when you think of going to Europe. Why is that? The primary reason for preference is that it is really cheap compared to many other cities. In other words, in Paris conditions, a budget that will not mean much due to both the expensiveness of the city and the Euro, and that will make you eat croissants from morning to evening, can make you live like a king in Belgrade due to the Serbian currency of Serbia and the cheapness of the city in general. Moreover, this city is really fun! In other words, if you are not interested in the museum of the legendary man Nikola Tesla, the Belgrade Fortress full of Ottoman traces from which you can look down on the city, or the churches where you can admire its architecture, you can choose this place even just for fun and Belgrade nightlife. Let's add that you can eat and drink in wonderful places with an affordable budget and you do not need a visa to go here. You are not like to be loved, Belgrade!

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2. Prague


The embodiment of beauty and poured into urban planning, Prague, the city responsible for Kafka's depression and his writings, makes us cry for joy as it is another city where the Euro is not used. It is impossible not to love Prague, as it is one of the first cities we travel to in our personal history and is the city that ignited our love of travel. In our opinion, this city, where you will be hit especially in the Old City, and where you will be happy to jog around the Vltava River, which runs through its middle, is one of the undisputed favorites of this list! While you're there, don't forget to see the Dancing House, which will surprise you with its architecture. The building was inspired by the dancing male and female figures. Don't say how, it happens.

3. Sarajevo


Sarajevo, the largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is not a crazy and fun-oriented city, but it is a perfect spot for a cultural trip. You will encounter many historical symbols of the Turkish and Ottoman periods in the city. The city will definitely not upset you about eating and drinking. Definitely an ideal city for a 2-3 day trip. By the way, speaking of food, if you get excited and hit the road to Sarajevo after this article, don't go back without eating the legendary kebab of these places, Kapaki, you will regret it. If we couldn't satisfy both your stomach and your Euro-scared body, we would like to emphasize how affordable this city is compared to typical European cities. Let's see now, "I wonder if this place is boring?" will you think? We don't think so, friends.

4. Minsk


Minsk is a rather interesting city, with its architecture of giant buildings and imposing squares, as well as a very European feel, as a result of its secession from the Soviet Union. The old and the new are intertwined, the night is different, the day is different, and it really surprises people. You may find it in-between or unique to itself, we cannot know that, it is up to you to discover it. However, even seeing Belarus is an interesting experience in itself, so we think it should be tried. Do they use euros? Of course not.

5. Kyiv


Let's praise another former Soviet Union city: Kyiv! This is the capital of Ukraine, as well as its largest city. The general opinion of those who really go to explore the city is: "Is this city this beautiful?" Another opinion concerns us even more: "This place was quite affordable". Cities that are worth getting up and going all the way and that will not cause you to struggle with the Euro are in our field of interest, sir, you won us over Kyiv.

Note: Due to the war in the country, the city was unfortunately badly damaged and is not safe. We wish this terrible war to end as soon as possible and Ukraine to return to its good old days!

6. Bucharest


If you have a habit of following the trends in travel, it must have caught your attention, Bucharest has been one of the most popular destinations in recent years. Almost every famous publication talks about the beauty of Bucharest and how it is an undiscovered gem. The beauty of the Old Town, the liveliness of the nightlife and the breadth of the metro network come as a bonus. Before Bucharest turns into a more popular spot among travelers and burns their pockets, it's a good idea to go and check it out.

7. Budapest


Let's close the list with another legend: Budapest, which is the combination of Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube River! Budapest is definitely a great option for a leisure or cultural trip, it reminds one of the "old" states of Istanbul. While you are gone, it is not possible to return without spending time in the world-famous hot springs, without getting caught up in the nightlife, which is always fun regardless of weekdays or weekends, and seeing the parliament building with night lighting. That's exactly the moment when you will start to fall in love with the city. If you can match it, we recommend that you go to Budapest during the Sziget Festival, one of the most popular music festivals in Europe. Those who do not have fun there cannot have fun anywhere, we are that ambitious.

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