Where to Eat in Pamukkale?

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If you want to crown your visit to Pamukkale with a delicious meal or simply enjoy a delightful dining experience, there are plenty of options available. From local cuisines to international flavors, Pamukkale offers a diverse range of dining establishments for those wondering what to eat in Pamukkale. With hundreds of venues alongside distinguished restaurants and kitchens, dining in Pamukkale becomes a unique pleasure. Especially for an Evening Dinner in Pamukkale, you should explore our article for elegant restaurants, places to eat in Pamukkale, and flavors that will linger on your palate.

Pamukkale Food Guide

For those curious about "What to Eat in Pamukkale," here are the famous and unforgettable flavors that will linger on your palate in Pamukkale.

  • Tandoor Kebab
  • Arabaşı (a local stew)
  • Corn Dumpling
  • Leyen Börek (a type of pastry)
  • Bazlama (flatbread)
  • Keşkek (a dish made with wheat and meat)
  • Zafer Soda (a local soda)
  • Güveç (casserole)
  • Bulamaç Dessert

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Pamukkale Restaurant Guide

1. Pideci Nihat Usta

Pideci Nihat Usta

Who can resist a crispy and warm portion of Tavas-style pita bread? If your path leads to the center of Denizli – and it should – don't pass by without tasting the pita from the experienced Nihat Usta, who dedicated himself to this craft from a young age. The most famous choice you can go for is the tahini pita, also known as içli-dışlı. Besides tahini, there are options like minced meat, minced meat with cheese, minced meat with egg, egg with cheese, and diced cheese pita, along with the special Tavas casserole. Remember us while savoring the tahini pita :)

Address: İstiklal Mahallesi, Across from Merkez Primary School, No:104/A, Pamukkale, Denizli

Phone: 0258 211 83 90 – 0535 338 93 57

2. Hacı Şerif

Hacı Şerif

The pride of semolina helva with ice cream, Hacı Şerif has been a prominent figure in the dessert industry for a staggering 4 generations since 1938. Concealed within the perfectly textured semolina helva is ice cream, creating a unique blend of the rich flavor of helva and the refreshing taste of ice cream, all at once.

Address: Saraylar Mah. 466. SK. No: 13-15 Denizli, Merkez

Phone: 0258 261 27 88

3. Garson Şükrü

Garson Şükrü

A small cabin with 6 tables has transformed into a cozy and high-quality family restaurant, Garson Şükrü, offering warm and personalized service. With 34 years of experience in the industry, Garson Şükrü, a disciplined restaurateur, meticulously selects ingredients from natural sources to blend flavors harmoniously. So, what should you try when you visit Garson Şükrü? For starters, Tatar; for the main course, Kurban Roast and Nuriş Kebab; and for dessert, Hasır Künefe and Trio hold the top spots among the restaurant's distinctive flavors. A delightful and warm dining experience awaits you at this address.

Address: 7th km on the Antalya Road, Denizli

Phone: 0258 266 67 82 – 0544 408 88 48

4. Kocabaylar Kebap Salonu

Kocabaylar Kebap Salonu

One of the most exquisite answers to the question of what to eat in Denizli is undoubtedly the tandır kebab. If you want to indulge in the finest without any culinary adventure in Denizli and derive pleasure from your meal, then your destination should be Kocabaylar. Let's make it clear from the start: no fork or knife, you eat with your hands :) Being one of the first kebab restaurants in Denizli, prices at Kocabaylar might seem a bit high, but with 40 years of experience, we believe the taste that does justice to it is worth it.

Address: Saraylar Mahallesi 420. Sokak No: 20, Across from Dört Çeşme Mosque, Denizli

Phone: 0 258 263 24 61

5. Değirmende Canlı Alabalık

Değirmende Canlı Alabalık

Where to eat fish in Denizli? Here's the answer! This venue, which served as a flour mill for a period of 20 years as of 1957, has later been transformed into a restaurant due to its natural beauty and a cool, clean atmosphere. Located in the town of Kayhan on the Denizli-Antalya highway, Değirmende Alabalık offers fresh trout for those seeking a peaceful outdoor dining experience. The sound of water, a delicious fish dish, a variety of appetizers, and clean air will refresh you and provide an unforgettable experience ;)

Address: Denizli-Acıpayam-Antalya highway, Kayhan Town, Denizli

Phone: 0258 213 25 33

6. Kebapçı Halil

Kebapçı Halil

They serve a tandır kebab in such a way that their slogan goes like this: "Please eat with your fingers... because when cold fork and knife touch the meat, it freezes the fat of the meat and reduces its flavor." If you are looking for a delicious place to taste Denizli's famous lamb kebab, we direct you straight to Kebapçı Halil ;) While enjoying the juicy lamb meat cooked to perfection with your hands, you will be glad you are in Denizli. Keep in mind that cards are not accepted here, so you'll need cash for payment.

Address: Eski Sarayköy Street 357th Street No: 3/E, Denizli

Phone: 0258 261 13 57

7. Bağlı Kokoreç

Bağlı Kokoreç

Since 1892, for 5 generations, Bağlı Kokoreç has been blending years of experience with taste in this industry, located in the Tavas district of Denizli. Renowned gourmet and food critic Vedat Milor, visiting this place on his show "Tadı Damağımda," awarded it a full 5 stars, spanning across 5 generations. When asking where to eat in Denizli and what Vedat Milor recommends, the address is clear ;) The experience of grilled kokoreç here might make you forget the ones you've had before, so be prepared. It's an ideal place for those who may not be fond of or may have reservations about kokoreç to have their first experience.

Address: Samanlık Mahallesi Denizli – Muğla Yolu No: 201, Tavas, Denizli

Phone: 0532 774 44 22

8. Gazezoğlu Pide

Gazezoğlu Pide

Where to eat pide in Pamukkale? We recommend the sincere and small establishment Gazezoğlu Pide for the answer. If you crave pide during your visit to Denizli, don't look for another place ;) Don't be surprised if you don't see tables and chairs inside; that's the charm of this place – you dine at the outdoor tables. Denizli's local soda, Zafer, will be a great companion for your pide. Gazezoğlu Pide, with its century-old tradition, continues to welcome customers with its unwavering quality and reasonable prices.

Address: Bakırlı Mahallesi Kaleiçi Mevki 485. Sokak No: 24, Center, Denizli

Phone: 0258 241 07 86

9. Kebapçı Enver

Kebapçı Enver

One of the first places that comes to mind when talking about Denizli kebab since 1927, Kebapçı Enver, with its historical decor and authentic taste, welcomes customers in the city center. Similar to many other kebab restaurants in Denizli, here, oven-roasted kebab is eaten by hand. Served in copper dishes, the kebab goes best with dried peppers and buttermilk. With its soft texture, odorless, and perfectly balanced flavor, the kebab experience at Kebapçı Enver is truly distinctive.

Address: Saraylar Mahallesi Eski Sarayköy Caddesi No: 28/A, Denizli

Phone: 0533 422 60 61

10. Kebapçı Baki

Kebapçı Baki

For those looking to enjoy kebab in Denizli, another destination is Kebapçı Baki. Recognized as one of the first masters in the field in Denizli, Kebapçı Baki slowly cooks lambs that have not reached maturity over the fire of mastic tree wood, resulting in delicious tandır meat that separates into thin strands. A popular spot for many celebrities in Denizli, Baki lives up to its reputation with its kebab pide, tomato and onion salad, dried peppers, and frothy buttermilk.

Address: Eski Sarayköy Caddesi No:15/B, Bayramyeri, Denizli

Phone: 0258 265 50 35

11. Kebapçı Rıdvan

Kebapçı Rıdvan

With its 90 years of history, Kebapçı Rıdvan continues to offer Denizli's famous kebab to its customers with the same quality. It stands among the best restaurants you can choose during your visit to Denizli. For a century, the famous kebab, leaving a lasting impression on the palate, has been prepared using the unchanged traditional cooking method. We recommend trying this renowned kebab here.

Address: Saraylar, 2. Ticari Yol No:13/C, 20200 Center/Denizli

Phone: 0258 212 00 44 – 0534 362 96 45

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