Where to Eat in Izmir?

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Izmir is one of Turkey's gastronomic capitals. With the convergence of various cultures, Izmir, known as one of Turkey's most beloved cities, offers a variety of flavors in every corner, accompanied by its people, atmosphere, entertainment, and cuisine. While rakı and fish along the Kordon may be the first culinary activity that comes to mind, you can also experience the delightful flavors of various meat dishes in a cobblestone tavern in the narrow streets of Bostanlı, savor unique Greek mezes in Kemeraltı, catch the aroma of Urfa flavors in a dead-end alley in Basmane, indulge in the finest kokoreç in Çamdibi, or explore the exquisite fusion cuisine experience in Urla.

Izmir Food Guide

Izmir boasts a remarkably diverse culinary scene, reflecting its rich gastronomic heritage, where a plethora of traditional and innovative dishes coexist, offering a delightful journey through the city's extensive food culture.

  1. Boyoz - Boyoz
  2. Fırında Yumurta - Baked Egg
  3. Gevrek - Crispy Pastry
  4. Kumru - Stuffed Mullet
  5. Lokma - Lokma (a type of fried dough pastry)
  6. Tulum Peyniri - Tulum Cheese
  7. İzmir Köftesi - Izmir Meatballs
  8. Sübye - Sübye (a traditional beverage)
  9. Sura - Sura (a type of fish)
  10. Şevketibostan - Şevketibostan (a type of vegetable dish)
  11. Kuşkonmaz Kavurması - Asparagus Sauté
  12. Radika Salatası - Radicchio Salad
  13. Kaymaklı Şambali - Kaymaklı Şambali (a type of dessert)
  14. Papaz Yahnisi - Papaz Yahnisi (a type of stew)

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Izmir Restaurant Guide

Here is Izmir's restaurant guide with famous street flavors, historic local eateries, upscale restaurants, beverages, and desserts!

1. Alsancak Dostlar Fırını

Alsancak Dostlar Fırını

Where to eat boyoz in Izmir? When you think of Izmir, one of the first 3 things that come to mind is Dostlar Bakery when it comes to boyoz. Located on Kıbrıs Şehitleri Avenue in Alsancak since 1983, Dostlar Bakery has been producing only boyoz and its variations with the same quality and recipe. The bakery is famous for its always warm and crispy boyoz. The must-have accompaniments to boyoz include oven-baked eggs and rabbit blood tea, which makes it the ideal choice for breakfast within the limits of Izmir :) In addition to plain boyoz, there are delicious varieties such as spinach, spinach and cheese, olive, artichoke, eggplant, leek, cumin and sesame, mixed Aegean herbs, sweet and spicy, tahini, honey, chocolate, and more! You can also taste Sübye (a starchy, viscous type of sherbet). You can place orders for delivery outside the city through their website, and when leaving Izmir, you can take frozen boyoz with you. The crispiest answer to what to eat for breakfast in Izmir is waiting for you at the address below ;)

Address: Kıbrıs Şehitleri Avenue No:120 Alsancak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 421 92 02 – 0544 421 92 02

2. Çiçekliköy Kahvaltı Mekanları (Çiçekliköy Breakfast Restaurant)

Çiçekliköy Kahvaltı Mekanları

For the weekend breakfast of an Izmir native, one of the most popular spots is Çiçekliköy, known for its clean air and tranquil atmosphere. If you plan to stay in Izmir for a few days, we recommend not to miss the pleasure of a long breakfast here. Çiçekliköy has many establishments specializing in breakfast, famous for their spread breakfasts; you can choose whichever you like. Located just a few kilometers outside of Bornova, you can reach Çiçekliköy by city minibuses or by car.

Address: Bornova, Izmir

3. Kumrucu Şevki

Kumrucu Şevki

You've arrived in Izmir, and you're feeling hungry during the day. So, what will you do? We think leaving Izmir without trying 'kumru' is a bit of a miss. You can come across a 'kumrucu' (place that specializes in kumru) at every step; it's one of the main food sources here :) Here's the address you'll head straight to without looking around to eat kumru: Kumrucu Şevki. With its sesame-covered special kumru bread, plenty of sucuk, salami, and sausage, melted kaşar cheese flowing from the sides, tomatoes, and optional additional ingredients, it's a complete flavor bomb. Kumru is a sandwich name within the boundaries of Izmir; it's not a bird ;) We direct you to Alsancak for Şevki, which also has branches in Çeşme, Karşıyaka, and Şirinyer.

Address: Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard No:2/B Alsancak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 421 90 65

4. Kordon Yengeç Restaurant

Kordon Yengeç Restaurant

Located across from the Alsancak ferry dock in Izmir, Yengeç is one of the ideal seafood restaurants that can be preferred by locals and travelers exploring Izmir. Why? Because at Yengeç, a consistently fresh and delicious seafood menu is complemented by Aegean appetizers, all set against the exquisite backdrop of the Kordon and the sea breeze. The seafood prepared by experienced chefs is truly worth tasting.

Address: Atatürk Avenue No:314/A (1st Kordon) Alsancak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 464 57 57

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5. Adabeyi Balık Restaurant

Adabeyi Balık Restaurant

Adabeyi is an elegant seafood restaurant located within the distinctive architecture of Konak Pier Shopping Mall, drawing attention with its unique design. A frequently chosen spot in the shopping center that extends towards the pier, Adabeyi combines the panorama and flavors. Quality appetizers, fresh seafood, and friendly service await you here. You can take a meal break here after a stroll along Konak's waterfront.

Address: Konak Mahallesi Atatürk Avenue Konak Pier Shopping Mall No: 19 Konak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 482 04 70

6. Köfteci Mehmet Irmak

Mehmet Irmak, located within the Kemeraltı Bazaar, is a modest and cozy establishment. Finding an empty table at this köfte (meatball) restaurant, filled with Kemeraltı tradespeople and loyal visitors, might be a challenge; after all, those who taste the köfte don't take too long of a break from it :) You can also order their famous 'pilaki' alongside the köfte. The prices are quite reasonable. Our recommendation for those who get hungry after a tour of Kemeraltı is Mehmet Irmak.

Address: Konak Mahallesi 905. Street No:10/3 Kemeraltı/Konak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 441 79 55

7. Kahveci Ömer Usta

Kahveci Ömer Usta

After strolling around Kemeraltı, exploring, and having your meal, now it's time for a delightful coffee break :) Right near the Kemeraltı Bazaar, you'll find the historic Kızlarağası Han. This han is famous among the people of Izmir for its coffee. You'll come across dozens of coffee shops on both sides. Amidst the waiters' persistent invitations to read your fortune, don't let your mind get confused; head straight to Ömer Usta's place. In this venue adorned with photographs of previous visitors on the walls, coffee is brewed in a cup, and that's what makes it special ;)

Address: Konak Mahallesi 905. Street Kemeraltı/Konak, Izmir

8. Tarihi Yudumla Şerbetçisi

In the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, which is like a maze on its own, our new stop is Yudumla Şerbetçisi. You can choose it to replenish your energy for a long Izmir tour. These sherbets, entirely natural and refreshing in taste, have been prepared with the same recipes since Yudumla was established in 1971. Their slogan is: 'Enjoy the taste of life; ask for much more!' Worth a try ;)

Address: Kestelli Street No:2 Kemeraltı/Konak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 472 25 49

9. Bizim Lokanta

Bizim Lokanta

What's in the local restaurants is available here. The taste of home-cooked meals, a healthy meal, and a friendly atmosphere. Bizim Lokanta in Kemeraltı is a restaurant that has become a cliché when it comes to home-cooked meals for both the tradespeople of Kemeraltı and the people of Izmir. A variety of daily fresh dishes are served at affordable prices. If you want to eat meals that feel like they are cooked by a mother in Izmir and want to pay a reasonable bill, the route is clear :)

Address: 91. Street No: 4 Kemeraltı/Konak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 484 42 79

10. Serkan & Hamza Midye

Serkan & Hamza Midye

When it comes to mussels for the people of Izmir, it's a well-known fact that they get excited. It's inevitable to come across a mussel restaurant at every step, especially along the waterfront. Now, amidst this variety, we invite you to the most delicious address for mussels in Izmir. Serkan and Hamza are true masters when it comes to mussels! We recommend enjoying their warm and tender mussels with plenty of lemon. In Inciraltı, with a delightful view along the waterfront, Serkan & Hamza is where you can truly experience the taste of the city through mussels.

Address: Inciraltı Mahallesi Başak Street No:53 Balçova, Izmir

Phone: 0555 302 45 34

11. Sevinç Pastanesi

Sevinç Pastanesi

Sevinç Pastanesi, also known as the meeting point :) Don't let the name evoke nostalgic days of old lovers enjoying milk puddings and lemonades; for the people of Izmir, Sevinç's front is a meeting place. At the same time, it is one of Izmir's well-established and reputable patisseries. Once you step inside, you'll be greeted with cakes and desserts that are undoubtedly fresh and crafted by master chefs. In our opinion, it offers a taste worth its price, what do you think?

Address: Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard No: 27/C Alsancak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 421 75 90 – 0232 422 18 84

12. Reyhan Pastanesi

Reyhan Pastanesi

Another sweet and happiness destination in Izmir is undoubtedly Reyhan Pastanesi. Since 1965, its quality and taste have remained consistent, making this pastry shop a well-established brand where you can experience original flavors. With branches in Alsancak, Bostanlı, Agora, and Optimum Shopping Mall, today, we chose the Bostanlı branch for Reyhan Pastanesi. Our recommendation would be the rokoko (left) and vişneli sükse (right) desserts.

Address: Cengiz Topel Street No:16/A Bostanlı, Izmir

Phone: 0232 362 63 20

13. Üniversite 2 Unlu Mamuller

For Ege University students and residents of Bornova – Küçükpark area, University II is a 24/7 open breakfast & brunch spot. Every kind of pastry you can think of, including pastries, börek, and even pide, as well as sweet and savory cookies, mini desserts, and much more, is available at this pastry shop! The baked goods, offered at very reasonable prices for students, are delicious as if touched by a mother's hand. You may even have difficulty finding a spot; it's always busy here. If you happen to be in Bornova, we recommend trying their warm boyoz as well.

Address: 166. Street No:1 Küçükpark/Bornova, Izmir

Phone: 0232 388 94 31

14. Söğüşçü Cimbom

Cimbom is the most delicious spot for dürüm sşiş, one of the famous street flavors. Let's keep it a secret that there are customers who are not Galatasaray fans among us ;) You can understand how tasty it is from here. While enjoying your dürüm, prepared in a flash - as seen in the photo - you will agree with us. An ideal spot in Izmir for a quick and affordable meal.

Address: 861. Street No: 63 Konak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 445 64 82

15. Tarihi Asansör Restaurant

Asansör takes a prominent place at the top of the list of places to visit in Izmir. Located on the street named after the Izmir enthusiast and artist Dorio Moreno, Asansör is also a business. It gets its name from the elevator that takes you up to the hill where the restaurant is located. Here, you can experience the most nostalgic elevator ride of your life and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Izmir Gulf. As seen in the upper right corner of the photo, Asansör literally unfolds Izmir at your feet. If you want to have a meal with a view of Izmir, you can taste flavors from Turkish and world cuisine in the restaurant section.

Address: Turgut Reis Mahallesi Dorio Moreno Street No:76/6 Konak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 293 47 77

16. Topçu Restaurant

Topçu is the go-to place for celebrities visiting Izmir. For years, Topçu Restaurant has been offering its visitors unchanged flavors with its rich menu. The menu includes eye-catching presentations of grills, pan dishes, and sauced kebabs, as well as breakfast options and various desserts. Would you like to give it a try?

Address: Kazım Dirik Street No:3/B Pasaport/Konak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 484 62 61 – 0232 425 90 47

17. Boğaziçi Restaurant Balık & Ocakbaşı

Where to eat fish in Izmir? For enthusiasts, we recommend Boğaziçi Balık, offering a view of the waterfront from Üçkuyular Pier. This venue has witnessed neither marriage proposals nor celebrations. With skilled staff, experienced chefs, and the delightful sea breeze... What more can one expect from a fish restaurant? They also have both fish and open grill menus.

Address: Bahçeler Arası Mahallesi Haydar Aliyev Boulevard No: 2/A Balçova, Izmir

Phone: 0850 850 0850

18. Kokoreççi Asım Usta

Asım Usta Kokoreç is the go-to place for late-night cravings. When asking where to eat kokoreç in Izmir, this is the most popular answer you can get. If your path leads you to the Çamdibi area, you will have a worthwhile kokoreç here. Judging by the density of its regulars, it seems Asım Usta is a clean chef who enjoys his work ;) Izmir's kokoreç destination is waiting for you too.

Address: Burak Reis Street No:224 Çamdibi, Izmir

Phone: 0232 462 02 14

19. Doyuran Manisa Kebap Salonu

Since the distance between Manisa and Bornova is quite short, you may frequently come across Manisa Kebap Salonu in Izmir. Undoubtedly, the most preferred one among them is Doyuran, located in Kemeraltı bazaar. Truly satisfying, this kebab leaves a lasting impression on the palate with its unique presentation and tender meat flavor. For those asking where to eat meat or kebab in Izmir, our recommendation is Doyuran Manisa Kebap Salonu.

Address: Konak Mahallesi 863. Street No:14 Kemeraltı/Konak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 425 12 63

20. Veli Usta Balık Pişiricisi

Where to eat in Izmir? Veli Usta is a sophisticated, high-quality, delicious, and innovative establishment, a master in cooking fish! In fact, it has two different branches in Alsancak alone. You can choose either the waterfront branch or the central branch. Known for its warm and cold Aegean appetizers and rich fish menu, we recommend trying the fish skewer at this venue. You can see the plate of sole fish skewer in the photo.

Address: Cumhuriyet Boulevard No:131/A Alsancak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 464 27 05 – 0232 464 52 28

21. Ayşa Boşnak Börekçisi

Ayşa Boşnak Börekçisi, one of Izmir's most famous places for börek, mantı, and olive oil dishes, certainly deserved a spot on this list. Ayşa serves delicious dishes from the Aegean and Balkan cuisines in their freshest form, and no one leaves dissatisfied. With its original decor and clean kitchen, Ayşa is an ideal place for a healthy meal. Located in Abacıoğlu Hanı, the staff is also very friendly. Trileçe dessert is also among our recommendations.

Address: Anafartalar Street Abacıoğlu Passage Kemeraltı/Konak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 484 15 25

22. Kaymakçı Yoğurtçu Hasan

The seasoned quality of Yogurtçu Hasan, which has frequently appeared on social media accounts in recent times, was already known to those who were aware, and we wanted to introduce it to you as well. Homemade yogurt, clotted cream, and other dairy products are served like gold for breakfast. This way, you start the day ahead 1-0 ;) How about a breakfast with homemade, additive-free, and natural dairy products for a performance-enhancing effect?

Address: Anafartalar Street No:451 Kemeraltı/Konak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 484 00 97

23. Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik

One of the highest-quality addresses for Italian cuisine in Izmir is Pizzeria Venedik. With its Italian-style appetizers, original pasta, and pizzas, this place is both elegant and exquisite for enthusiasts of world cuisine. If you can lift your head from the menu, it will feel like a short tour of Italy, and you can place your order right away ;) Undoubtedly, the homemade wine and tiramisu dessert are other details that crown the meal.

Address: 1382. Street No:10/B Alsancak, Izmir

Phone: 0232 422 27 35

24. Tarihi Adil Müftüoğlu – Uğur Lokantası

With its 54 years of experience, Adil Müftüoğlu continues to provide service with the same quality at Uğur Lokantası, a restaurant that has hosted many famous figures. Uğur Lokantası prepares special dishes for each day of the week, offering approximately 30 different dishes. Among the most ordered items are the famous şevketibostan, lamb stuffed grape leaves, eggplant kebab with béchamel sauce, and lor dessert. No one leaves this restaurant without being satisfied with its consistent taste :)

Address: Gaziosman Paşa Boulevard 1369. Street No:11 Çankaya, Izmir

Phone: 0232 483 32 34 - 0232 425 23 99

25. Çelebi Unlu Mamuller – Meşhur Bomba

Ta daa! Attention, contains an excessive amount of calories...

We are making a bombastic finale with the famous "bomba" pastry. Crafted by Çelebi Bakery, the recipe for the ultra-thin - really thin - special dough is kept secret like a treasure! Within this thin dough lies a world of chocolate sauce. When chocolate and dough come together, an indulgent happiness bomb is unleashed. It's a favorite among many, and finding a place to sit is almost impossible. A line forms in front of the bakery for the freshly baked, warm dough and flowing chocolate. With the first bite, you'll understand why it's called a "bomba"! 

Address: Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi No: 185/A Alsancak, İzmir

Phone: 0232 465 33 01

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