Where to Find the Best Sunsets in the World

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One of the most important points that make a trip unforgettable are the landscapes you witness during that trip. Even if you end your holiday, the sights that you cannot easily erase from your memory will always keep your excitement alive. Since sunset is one of the most beautiful views that nature offers us, we have listed the most beautiful places to watch the sunset both in our country and in the world.

Top 5 Sunset Locations in the World

Grand Canyon – Arizona

Grand Canyon

Our topic is the sunset, but the Grand Canyon in general has one of the most impressive views in the world. Located within the borders of the US state of Arizona, the canyon with a length of 446 km and a depth of 1800 m is also one of the most famous and oldest canyons in the world. In addition to the Colorado River, which is home to dozens of rare fish species, it also hosts hundreds of rare animal species.

The Grand Canyon, which welcomes millions of tourists every year, has a remarkable beauty with its dazzlingly colored valleys, steep slopes and rock layers. When you go to the Grand Canyon, you must find the right angle and watch the unforgettable view of the sun as it sets.

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Santorini – Greece


Visited by many people from many countries of the world every year, Santorini Island is one of the most beautiful spots where you can watch the sunset. In Santorini, which is a romantic island preferred by most people to propose marriage, wander around as you wish during the day, but you should definitely change your route to Oia for the sunset view!

If you've been to Santorini in the summer, you'll see thousands of people stand by with their cameras and greet the sunset with applause at sunset in Oia.

Serengeti – Tanzania


Serengeti National Park in Tanzania hosts many of the awe-inspiring photos taken in Africa. Serengeti National Park, where animals such as elephants, leopards, giraffes, lions and rhinos are located, is on the migration route of more than 1 million Gnu and thousands of zebras. You can witness one of the most impressive sunset views in the world here.

In the national park, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981, you will capture magnificent photo frames. While you are in Serengeti, you can join safari tours and see wild animals in their natural habitats, and end your day by watching the unique sunset view. Watching the sunset in company with the animals here, witnessing the unique color riot, and catching this unforgettable view and framing it to hang in the most special corner of your home should be among the things you must do.

Mount Nemrut – Adıyaman / Turkiye

Mount Nemrut

While talking about the most beautiful sunset views, it is impossible not to mention Mount Nemrut, one of the historical heritages of our country. Tours are organized on Mount Nemrut, which is considered among the places where the best sunrise and sunset views are observed, not only in Turkey but also in the whole world.

The statues, which were commissioned by the Commagene King Antiochus Theos, on the top of the 2150-meter-high mountain, symbolize the Ancient Greek and Persian gods. It will be very exciting to witness one of the most beautiful natural events in the world next to the god statues on Mount Nemrut, which welcomes thousands of visitors every year!

Taj Mahal – India

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal, which was built for the wife of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983. The structure, which is visited by approximately 3 million people every year, hosts one of the most beautiful sunset views in the world.

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