Activities to Do in Antalya

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With its natural beauties, ancient cities, entertaining nightlife, rich cuisine and modern city structure, there are many activities that can be done during a trip to Antalya, which is the favorite holiday center of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

In Antalya, where you can take long walks in its unique nature, you can swim in the locations where the greenery of the trees meet the blue of the sea and you can organize historical tours in ancient cities. Antalya, which fascinates visitors, is also a suitable city for underwater diving and boat tours. Antalya, which has many beaches where the caretta carettas lay their eggs, offers everything you need to have a full holiday.

What to Do in Antalya

Wander The Historical Streets Of Kaleici

Historical Streets Of Kaleici

Kaleiçi, one of the must-see destinations of Antalya, is within the borders of Muratpaşa, the central district of Antalya. You can take a pleasant stroll through the narrow cobbled streets of Kaleiçi, where beautiful restaurants and cafes serve.

In Kaleiçi, where you can witness the traditional architecture of Antalya, there are many mansions from the Ottoman period. Kaleiçi, which is one of the rare places that has managed to preserve its historical texture today, also offers many boutique hotels where you can stay.

Discover Nature on the Historical Lycian Way

Historical Lycian Way

The Lycian Way, which has many ancient cities on its route, stands out among the longest walking paths in Turkey.

You can take pleasant nature walks and organize historical excursions on the Lycian Way, which is an incomparable blessing for you to discover the natural beauties of the Antalya region.

The Lycian Way, which passes through many provinces of Turkey, has a total length of 500 kilometers. The road that vehicles cannot enter can only be used as a walking route. You can witness unforgettable moments by visiting the Lycian Way, where you can discover the unique sea and mountain views of Antalya.

Visit Aspendos Antique Theater

Aspendos Antique Theater

Aspendos Antique Theater, which is one of the structures witnessing history in Antalya, is located within the borders of Side Antique City. Many cultural and artistic activities are carried out in the ancient theater, which was built during the Roman period.

The theater, where the stage was built as 3 floors, is a structure with a unique architecture in Anatolian lands. Aspendos Antique Theater, where the fine decorations you can see on the stage belong to the architecture of the Antonine Period, is among the destinations that must be visited in Antalya.

Aspendos Antique Theater accepts visitors between 08:00 and 16:00 every day of the week.

Watch Alanya View from Red Tower

Red Tower (Kızılkule), Alanya

Red Tower (Kızılkule), which is one of the symbolic structures of Alanya, is among the places that should be visited with its view as well as its historical importance. Built in the 13th century, the castle was built to protect the region against threats from the sea.

After visiting Red Tower and examining the works in it, you can go to the upper parts of the tower and watch the unique view of Alanya. Since Red Tower is located by the coast, you can see the Mediterranean view clearly. That's why you can take a camera with you before you go to the area.

Visit Red Tower, one of the must-see places in Antalya, and witness the unique view of Alanya. Red Tower is open every day of the week between 09:00 and 19:00.

Have Fun at Nightlife

Nightlife of Antalya

Antalya, one of the first cities that comes to mind when it comes to nightlife in Turkey, witnesses colorful scenes throughout the summer. Antalya, where local and foreign tourists flock in the summer months, offers very rich alternatives in terms of nightlife.

In Antalya, where venues for every budget and taste serve, there is a wide range of options from nightclubs where you can dance wildly to bars where you can have long conversations with your friends. In Antalya, where you can enter an English Pub and chat with your friends, you can also prefer restaurants and taverns along the coast. You can spice up your Antalya holiday and have unforgettable experiences with the nightlife that is more active especially in Antalya centre, Kemer and Alanya regions.

Discover Antalya Cuisine

Antalya Cuisine

Turkey's prominent city in terms of citrus fruits, Antalya is also famous for its cuisine. In order to discover its cuisine, which offers a rich variety of fruits and vegetables, you should first visit the neighborhood markets and see the variety of products sold.

It is among the famous dishes of Antalya, which is also rich in seafood.

  • Enginarlı Girit Kebabı (Cretan Kebab with Artichokes)
  • Cive Yemeği (Cive Meal)
  • Frigya Biber Dolması (Stuffed Phrygian Pepper)
  • Hibeş (Hibesh)
  • Laba Dolması (Stuffed Laba)
  • Alanya Bohçası (Alanya Bundle)

is located.

You should definitely taste these dishes that you can see in any home-cooked restaurant in Antalya. After meals made with olive oil, you can also try the "Tahinli Kabak Tatlısı (Zucchini Dessert with Tahini)", which is among the desserts unique to the region.

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Restaurants You Must Visit in Antalya

Tour the Underwater Museum at the Aquarium

Underwater Museum at the Aquarium

During your holiday in Antalya, you can visit the Antalya Aquarium, an underwater museum structured in the form of an aquarium, and examine underwater creatures closely.

There are many restaurants and cafes in Antalya Aquarium, where you can spend a pleasant time with your children, together with the "Snow World" and "Ice Museum" in the aquarium, 3D cinema room, tropical forest and playgrounds.

Antalya Aquarium has 40 aquariums that you can visit. In addition to the historical structures you can see around the aquariums, the most visited part of the facility is the tunnel-shaped aquarium section. You can have an unforgettable experience for the rest of your life by passing through a tunnel where everything except the ground is full of fish.

Antalya Aquarium, which you should definitely visit during your holiday in Antalya, serves every day of the week between 10:00 and 19:00 except weekends.

Rafting in Köprülü Canyon

Rafting in Köprülü Canyon

One of the important destinations of Antalya, Köprülü Canyon National Park is an ideal place for those who enjoy spending time with nature. You can take long nature walks in the canyon, which is a hidden paradise with its quiet nature and impressive appearance, take a breather in its cafes or dine in its restaurants.

Köprülü Canyon is a place that can attract the attention of adrenaline enthusiasts. You can join the rafting tour at the facilities in the canyon, which can be preferred due to its suitable structure for rafting, and experience moments full of adventure.

During your rafting experience with expert instructors, you can also capture beautiful shots.

Join Boat Tours

Boat Tour in Antalya

There are many coves, beaches and cliffs to visit and explore in Antalya. Since it will be very difficult to visit all of them in one day, you can especially join the boat tours departing from Kaleiçi Harbor. By joining the boat tours, you can fit the unique natural beauties of the region in a single day and have a very enjoyable day.

You can see the famous cliffs of Antalya up close with the boat tours departing between 09:00 and 10:00, and you can also visit the popular bays and beaches in the region. You can start to discover many points of Antalya, which are described as the hidden paradise, by joining the boat tours to the Mediterranean skies accompanied by loud music.

Take Underwater Diving in Kaş

Underwater Diving in Kaş

Kaş, one of the popular districts of Antalya, stands out with its beaches as well as underwater diving. You can go to Kaş, which is 195 kilometers from the city center, and discover the underwater richness of the Mediterranean, and even take unforgettable photos under water.

There are many diving spots in Kaş, where there are many underwater diving schools. You can dive in Kaş, which is one of the best places for underwater diving in the world, either accompanied by an instructor or by yourself. To participate in underwater diving activities, you can visit the offices in Kaş town center and get detailed information.

Spend a Pleasant Day at Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall

Located near Side, the holiday paradise of the Antalya coast, Manavgat Waterfall offers you a natural environment with its peaceful atmosphere. Known for its width rather than its height, the waterfall creates a cool air with its full flow in summer and provides a small escape from the heat of Antalya.

You can spend a peaceful time with the tea gardens that are perfectly positioned among the trees. In addition, the local markets around the waterfall attract the attention of tourists who come by tour.

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