List of the Most Terrifying Legends Around the World

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Almost mythical in nature and passed down from mouth to mouth as urban legends, people around the world often recount encounters with the supernatural. How about learning about a few of these stories?

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1. Yeti - The Himalayas

Yeti - The Himalayas

The Yeti, claimed to roam the region by the Sherpa people living in the Himalayas, is one of the oldest known urban legends. The Yeti is described as a large primate-like creature. This creature, which is often identified by the giant footprints it leaves behind, is mostly described as having five fingers, although sightings of two, three, and four-fingered Yetis have also been reported. The most distinct evidence of the Yeti dates back to 1951 when footprints were found near the Menlung Base Camp during a Himalayan expedition.

2. Kuldhara Village - India

Kuldhara Village - India

Established in the 13th century, Kuldhara Village is among the lesser-known places in India... Since 1825, no one has been living in the village. Rumors abound that all the villagers vanished into thin air overnight in the village that once housed a thousand households! While it remains a mystery where the people went, the sudden departure of a thousand individuals from the village in a single night is indeed eerie...

3. Umm Al Duwais - United Arab Emirates

Umm Al Duwais - United Arab Emirates

Umm Al Duwais is considered to be the most famous jinn in the United Arab Emirates. Initially appearing as a beautiful woman to lure men towards her, Umm Al Duwais reveals her true form and devours them as soon as she attracts them. Many claim to have recorded this phenomenon on video.

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge - Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Australia

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of Sydney's most important symbols, became a grave for three workers during its construction. While official records confirm the deaths of 16 workers during the bridge's construction, according to stories, three additional workers lost their lives, but went unnoticed by anyone, thus the bridge became their final resting place.

5. Chupacabra - North America - Puerto Rico

Chupacabra - North America - Puerto Rico

While first reported in Puerto Rico in 1995, Chupacabra is generally believed to be a widespread legend in North America. This creature, known as a vampire reptile, allegedly feeds on the blood of goats and other animals. In 1995, a total of 150 farm animals were found drained of blood in Puerto Rico.

6. Cursed Bus Stop - Beijing

Cursed Bus Stop - Beijing

This highly chilling tale unfolds on a dark and stormy night, much like in movies. As a bus travels along its route, two men flag it down. When the bus stops, three men board. The bus driver, thinking the men, dressed in attire from the 1600s, are actors, continues the journey. During the trip, a young man notices that the feet of these three men never touch the ground as one of them exits the bus. The next day, the young man reports the incident to the police and learns that the bus in question never completed its route. The bus is never found again.

7. Loch Ness Monster - Scotland

Loch Ness Monster - Scotland

The Loch Ness Monster, the oldest known legend, remains among the myths that have yet to be definitively proven. The creature, allegedly swimming in Loch Ness, Scotland's second deepest lake, has reportedly been seen by locals in the area.

8. Krampus - Europe

Krampus - Europe

Krampus, known for being the subject of films, emerges in Europe when Christmas arrives. Described as half-goat, half-demon, this terrifying creature beats naughty children with sticks and threatens to take them to hell if they don't behave by stuffing them into sacks. While this legend may seem to have been invented to scare children, there is a significant number of believers!

9. Night Marchers - Hawaii

Night Marchers - Hawaii

The Night Marchers are the spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors. These spirits are considered highly sacred, and it is believed that encountering them will lead to death. Therefore, people in Hawaii make extra efforts to avoid encountering the Night Marchers.

10. Pinky Pinky - South Africa

Pinky Pinky is a highly feared legend in South Africa, appearing only to women! A pink-haired demon targeting women in the restroom, Pinky Pinky particularly dislikes women wearing pink underwear. According to rumors, women going to the restroom can be attacked or assaulted by this demon.

11. Abu Rigl Maslukha - Egypt

Abu Rigl Maslukha - Egypt

"Abu Rigl Maslukha," a widespread legend in Egypt, is an entity with one burned leg. Parents in Egypt tell their children that if they misbehave, this demon will come and steal their legs.

12. Gjenganger - Scandinavia

Gjenganger - Scandinavia

"Gjenganger," a ghost-zombie hybrid entity, dates back to the time of the Vikings. This entity, believed to be the result of murder or suicide, attacks people while they sleep and marks them for death.

13. Water Babies - Utah

Water Babies - Utah

According to the legend that originated with the Shoshone tribe and is said to occur at Utah Lake, it is believed that the souls of babies who died of starvation reside in the lake. Some people claim that babies drowned in the lake, while others believe that the babies developed gills and became a new species. Those who sit on the rocky shores of the lake still claim to hear the cries and wails of the babies.

14. Al Karısı - Turkey

Al Karısı - Turkey

Al Karısı," a prominent figure in Turkish-Anatolian folklore, is a creature that afflicts horses and women during the postpartum period! According to belief, Al Karısı feeds on the liver of postpartum women and newborn babies. There are still believers in this myth in our country.

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