Best Countries to Live in 2024

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The research and analysis department of the Economist Group, The Economist Intelligence Unit, prepares an index that reveals the quality of life in countries in specific years. When compiling this index, the scores of countries vary based on conditions such as health, family life, social life, economic situation, unemployment rates, gender conditions, and many other factors.

According to the latest index prepared, the countries with the highest quality of life in the world and their prominent aspects are as follows:

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Best Countries for Quality of Life

1. Sweden


In the research conducted, Sweden was selected as the country with the highest quality of life, and it is rooted in a philosophy called 'lagom.' This philosophy, which embraces the idea of not too much, not too little, and a balanced life, is the fundamental basis for the happiness and high quality of life of the Swedes. The feeling that residents of the country describe as happiness when performing rituals they enjoy in their culture contributes to their happiness even during their daily routines. Factors such as low unemployment rates, good economic conditions, and advanced healthcare facilities contribute to the country's top position in this list.

2. Switzerland


Switzerland consistently finds itself at the top in surveys measuring the quality of life, living up to its reputation as one of the countries that truly deserves its acclaim. The key factors that contribute to Switzerland's presence at the top of these rankings include the Swiss people's adherence to all rules aimed at improving life in the country, the serious commitment of all authorities working in different sectors to the safety of the public, picturesque landscapes throughout the country, and the efficient functioning of the healthcare system through mandatory insurance.

One of the significant factors ensuring Switzerland's placement on this list is the adherence to high-quality standards for all foods sold and offered throughout the country, with a commitment to not selling low-quality and cheap food items. Another point that highlights the value placed on the quality of life in the country is the availability of breathtaking landscapes. If you wish to explore a country with such high living standards and beautiful scenery, all you need is a Zurich plane ticket.

3. Finland


Let's move on to the country ranked 3rd on our list, Finland. Finland stands out with its high living standards, emphasizing both the social rights it provides to its citizens and its sensitivity regarding the judiciary. As a country with a mixed economy where industry plays a leading role, Finland deserves its place among countries with high quality of life, thanks to its advanced transportation, high-standard accommodation facilities, and a healthcare system recognized as one of the best in the world.

4. Norway


Norway, with its low crime rates and unique landscapes, is unsurprisingly among the countries with high living standards. The strong economy, quality healthcare services provided to citizens, healthy and nutritious flavors ingrained in the country's local cuisine, and the peaceful ambiance contribute to Norway's 4th place on this list. Factors such as the phenomenon of the Northern Lights, unique places to visit throughout the country, and the unforgettable beauty of a sunset offered to visitors, along with high living standards, are reasons to visit Norway. You can embark on an adventure by booking a plane ticket to Oslo.

5. Australia


For some, the source of happiness and a better life is a pristine sky. Those who think this way won't be surprised to see Australia on our list of countries with high quality of life. Distinguishing itself from most countries with its unique temperate climate, Australia is a geography that opens one's soul with its inherent beauty. Of course, the factors that contribute to the country's placement on this list are not only its exceptional climate and landscapes. The low crime rates within the country, a strong emphasis on security, the majority of citizens living in spacious and comfortable homes, the enjoyment of a high-quality social life, and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship all contribute to Australia's higher quality of life compared to other countries.

6. Holland


Netherlands holds the 6th position in our list of countries with high quality of life. In contrast to Australia, this country is renowned for its closed atmosphere due to climatic conditions. One of the key factors contributing to the high quality of life in this country is its reputation as one of the safest places in Europe. High educational standards, a robust healthcare system, parks designed to uplift the spirits of citizens throughout the country, and a plethora of bicycle paths encouraging an active lifestyle everywhere make living in the Netherlands particularly pleasant.

Advanced transportation infrastructure, cultural diversity, and tolerance, providing the opportunity to live in harmony with people from different races, are other factors that turn the Netherlands into a dream country. If you find yourself intrigued by what I've described, you can embark on an adventure by booking a plane ticket to Amsterdam.

7. Iceland


As we approach the end of our list, we now turn our attention to Iceland. Standing out as a country where citizens feel secure in their personal safety, Iceland earns its place on the list through low unemployment rates, a high-quality healthcare system, enjoyable social lives of citizens, and the emphasis placed on personal development.

8. Germany


The fact that Germany, with a significantly high level of economic development, is on this list surely didn't surprise you. Ranked 8th, Germany is not only economically powerful but also boasts one of the world's oldest and most advanced healthcare systems, low unemployment rates, and an average life expectancy of 80 years, all contributing to its placement on our list. Moreover, knowing that they live in an economically robust country is a key factor that makes German citizens feel happy while residing in this country.

9. New Zeland

New Zeland

As we approach the end, now we're heading to another country in Oceania, New Zealand. Economic strength is not the only factor that enables a high-quality life in New Zealand. The country's sensitivity to individual rights and freedoms, along with its emphasis on education, ensures that citizens feel secure and well-educated. All of this, combined with the unique landscapes of New Zealand, turns living in the country into a quality experience.

10. Estonia


Estonia, which offers a digital nomad visa and is the top choice for those aspiring to be digital nomads due to its high living standards, is considered among economically advanced countries according to IMF data. Similar to all other countries on our list, factors such as citizens feeling secure, a significant number of women living alone in the country, and advanced healthcare services contribute to Estonia being in the 10th position on our list.

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