Kemer Tourist Attractions

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Kemer is a district located on the slopes of the Western Taurus Mountains in Antalya, and it is highly popular as a tourist destination. With its crystal-clear waters, historical sites, and natural beauties, it welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Offering opportunities like trekking, water sports, and camping for those who want to get lost in nature, it also provides ancient exploration options for history enthusiasts.

Let's start exploring the places to visit in Kemer, including ancient cities, coves, and beautiful beaches.

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Places to Visit in Kemer

1. Phaselis Antik Kenti (Ancient City of Phaselis)

Phaselis Antik Kenti

Established by the Rhodians in the 7th century BC, this city is situated on a peninsula extending into the Mediterranean. It served as one of the significant ports on the eastern coast of Lycia for many years, boasting four harbors. The surviving ruins, mostly from the Roman and Byzantine periods, have endured to the present day. The city, connected by a street linking the northern and southern harbors, features a theater, temple or monumental tomb remnants, and three agoras arranged around a square. The theater is a classical Hellenistic-era structure with an added stage building in the Roman period. During the Late Byzantine period, this stage primarily served as a defensive wall. Two notable remnants of the city are an aqueduct and two bath complexes, with the smaller bath containing information about the heating system of Roman-era baths.

Entrance fee:

  • 220 TL

Opening hours:

  • 08:00-19:00

2. Göynük Kanyonu (Göynük Canyon)

Göynük Kanyonu

One of the most popular excursion stops in Kemer, Göynük Canyon, is situated along the Lycian Way. This area, also part of the Beydağları Coastal National Park, is a true natural wonder with its unique scenery, vegetation, and waterfalls. Additionally, the region features an artificial lake, stream, and pools. Ranked among the top 10 trekking trails in the world, it is an indispensable destination for nature walks. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to swim in its crystal-clear waters and create a fantastic holiday route by utilizing camping facilities.

Entrance fee:

  • 26 TL
  • Rental fee for rafting helmet and life jacket: 260 TL

Opening hours:

  • 09:00-18:00

3. Olympos Antik Kenti ve Olympos Plajı (Ancient City of Olympos and Olympos Beach)

Olympos Antik Kenti ve Olympos Plajı

After Phaselis, Olympos Ancient City is another one of the most popular port cities. The ruins in the city primarily date back to the Roman, Byzantine, and Hellenistic periods. Positioned at the river mouth in an east-west direction, the city consists of a bridge connecting the two shores. Although one leg of this bridge remains intact today, we can say that its main features are preserved. One of the city's prominent structures is the temple gate built in honor of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and another is the Tomb of Captain Eudomus. In the Byzantine church, considered the most monumental ruin, you can observe the architecture of the period and closely examine the frescoes on its inner walls. Additionally, the Bishop's Palace, the Mosaic Building, and the Monumental Tombs in the Harbor are among the city's other historical structures. It is possible to reach Olympos Beach within walking distance by following the river path within the ancient city. At this point, you can start planning your vacation with Kemer hotels.

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Entrance fee:

  • 90 TL

Opening hours:

  • 08:00-19:00
  • 08:30-17:30 (October 1-April 1)

4. Çıralı – Yanartaş (Eternal Flame)

Çıralı – Yanartaş

The place known as the 'Eternal Flame' of Olympos constantly burns thanks to the methane gas emanating from the rocks. Mythologized based on the writings of Homer, this place has been revered as a sacred, everlasting fire. Even if water or soil is thrown onto it, these stones, which briefly extinguish and then reignite, have been burning for 2500 years. It is possible to have a picnic around this location, which is about 200 meters high from the sea.

Entrance fee:

  • 16 TL (Credit cards are not accepted)

Opening hours:

  • 09:00-21:00

5. Adrasan Koyu (Adrasan Bay)

Adrasan Koyu

Adrasan Bay, with its crystal-clear sea, is one of the most beloved beaches in the city and is located approximately 1 hour from Kemer. This place, with a history dating back 4000 years and originating from the Luwian culture, is surrounded by orange and pine trees, and its name translates to the main goddess. The most notable feature of the bay is its shallow, rock-free, fine sandy, and waveless sea. That's why it is a popular choice for swimming among both local and foreign tourists. In this tranquil, friendly, and naturally beautiful bay, it is possible to embark on a blue journey with excursion boats. Additionally, with these excursion boats, you can have the chance to get a close look at and explore the surrounding bays.

6. Tahtalı Dağı (Tahtalı Mountain)

Tahtalı Dağı

Tahtalı Mountain, with an elevation of 2,365 meters, is one of the highest mountains in the region. It is possible to reach its summit thanks to the cable car located at its peak. Taking the cable car from Olympos allows you to ascend to the mountain's summit while enjoying the magnificent natural scenery. Moreover, this cable car holds the title of the longest in Europe and the second longest in the world. Tahtalı Mountain offers various opportunities for sports enthusiasts, such as paragliding, mountain biking, motorcycle trails, and hiking. It is definitely a must-visit destination for those who love sports.

Opening hours:

  • Until 19:00 (In summer)
  • Until 17:00 (In winter)

7. Paris 2 Batığı (Paris 2 Wreck)

Paris 2 Batığı

The Paris 2 Wreck, one of the world's 100 most unique diving spots, is a French ship that sank off the coast of Kemer as a result of World War I. The ship was sunk in 1917 by the Artillery Battery under the command of Captain Mustafa Ertuğrul. Located 33 meters underwater, this wreck still features 6 anti-aircraft guns and 2 torpedo casings.

8. Alacasu Cennet Koyu (Alacasu Paradise Bay)

Alacasu Cennet Koyu

Located approximately 1.5 hours away from the city center, this bay, considered one of Kemer's hidden paradises, is recognized for its 175-meter beach, trekking areas, crystal-clear blue waters for swimming, and camping and picnic spots. It is an ideal destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Additionally, you can enjoy the unique scenery by taking a boat tour.

9. Beldibi Mağarası (Beldibi Cave)

Beldibi Mağarası

This cave, located approximately 20 kilometers from Kemer, is situated at the point where the sea meets the cliffs. It has a height of 25 meters above sea level and features animal and human figures on its walls. Among the figures, mountain goats, deer, and humans are predominantly discernible. According to studies, artifacts from the Neolithic, Paleolithic, and Mesolithic eras have been found here.

Entrance fee:

  • Free

10. Idyros Antik Kenti (Idyros Ancient City)

Idyros Antik Kenti

The ancient city, unearthed as a result of excavations in 976 AD, showcases artifacts related to the Byzantine period. Its most distinctive and striking piece is a mosaic featuring geometric shapes. Additionally, the remains of a chapel and walls also draw attention.

Entrance fee:

  • Free

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