Things to Do in Gaziantep

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With its deep-rooted history, delicious food and natural beauties, Gaziantep is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey in terms of places to visit. Gaziantep, which is called the gastronomy capital in particular, has been taken under protection by UNESCO as the "World Gastronomy City". For this reason, we recommend everyone who is going to visit this city to try the unique flavors of Gaziantep. Gaziantep is a city famous not only for its food, but also for its deep-rooted history as it has hosted many civilizations since ages.

At the same time, this city, which received the title of "Gazi" with the epic struggle of Turkey in the War of Independence, contains many natural beauties, historical buildings and museums that should be visited.

Here are the must-see places for those who want to visit this beautiful city...

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Places to Visit in Gaziantep

1. Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Zeugma Mosaic Museum is the second largest mosaic museum in the world. The mosaics in the museum, which was opened in 2011, were excavated from the Ancient City of Zeugma and take its name from this ancient city.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum, which is one of the places that should not be visited by those who come to Gaziantep, has two thousand years old mosaics, the most famous of which is the "Gypsy Girl" mosaic. This mosaic, which attracts the attention of visitors, is exhibited in a special room in the museum.

2. Şahinbey National Struggle Museum

Şahinbey National Struggle Museum

Gaziantep fought an incredible fight against the enemy in the War of Independence and as a result, received the title of "Gazi". The Şahinbey National Struggle Museum, which reveals every moment of Gaziantep's epic struggle, informs its visitors about this struggle.

The museum, where all kinds of weapons and other materials used are exhibited, consists of the combination of two buildings with caves. Şahinbey National Struggle Museum is open to visitors every day of the week.

3. Gaziantep Castle

Gaziantep Castle

Although it is not known exactly when it was built, Gaziantep Castle, one of the oldest buildings in the city, was used as an observation point during the Roman period. Gaziantep Defense and Heroism Panorama Museum is located in this castle, which is located in the very center and on the top of the city. This museum tells the resistance of the people of Antep during the years of the National Struggle with thousands of symbols and figures.

4. Coppersmith Bazaar

Coppersmith Bazaar

Bakırcılar Bazaar, located in the Hanlar Region, is one of the most visited places in Gaziantep. You can find and buy beautiful works of copper processing, which has a deep-rooted history, in this bazaar.

5. Rumkale


Rumkale, one of the most important historical buildings of Gaziantep, is located in Kamışlı Village of Nizip district. Rumkale, which has a deep-rooted history, was called Şitamrat in ancient years and came under the domination of many civilizations. Rumkale, which was built by carving the rocks, fascinates those who see it with its unique view.

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6. Historical Antep Houses

Historical Antep Houses

Antep architecture; It has a deep-rooted tradition with its narrow streets and beautiful houses. The houses in the region were built of cut stone to keep them cool. It is said that the Historical Antep Houses, which are generally built in the form of two-storey and high walls, have different window types and these window types represent the religious view of the owner. Today, most of the Historical Antep Houses are used as hotels.

7. Zincirli Bedesten

Zincirli Bedesten

Zincirli Bedesten, also known as the Black Step Bedesten, is one of the most visited and shopping places by tourists. Zincirli Bedesten, which has been home to butchers for a long time, is also called Meat Market for this reason.

Zincirli Bedesten, which mostly houses businesses selling spices and souvenirs today, was restored in 2008. We recommend that everyone who comes to Gaziantep and wants to shop should not do their shopping without visiting Zincirli Bedesten.

8. Historical Customs House

Historical Customs House

The Historical Customs Inn is also called the "Living Museum" because of its structure that has survived to the present day. Located in the Hanlar Region, the Historical Customs Inn was built by Hacı Ömer Efendi between 1873 and 1878.

We think that the Historical Customs Inn, which consists of many shops where traditional handicrafts are promoted and sold, should be visited by everyone who is especially interested in handicrafts.

9. Yesemek Open Air Museum

Yesemek Open Air Museum

The ancient settlement, which emerged as a result of Gaziantep's deep-rooted past and hosting many civilizations, is one of the first places visited by travelers who are especially interested in history. Yesemek Open Air Museum, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tentative List, is one of the most important historical buildings of the city. The museum, which contains many artifacts carved from stones, was discovered by Felix von Lusvhan in 1890 and the sculptures unearthed during the excavations began to be exhibited.

10. Gaziantep Archeology Museum

Gaziantep Archeology Museum

Gaziantep Archeology Museum, which was founded in 1944 and moved to its present location in 1969, is one of the places that attracts the most tourists. Gaziantep Archeology Museum, where geological remains are exhibited as well as archaeological artifacts, reveals all traces of history.

Among the fossils and rocks exhibited in the museum, the most striking is the Maraş Elephant. On the ground floor of the museum, artifacts from the Dülük Ancient City are exhibited, while on the upper floor there are objects from the Roman and Hellenistic Periods. It is possible to examine Ottoman artifacts in the museum, where some of the clay seal impressions from the Ancient City of Zeugma are exhibited.

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