Tourist Places to Visit in Erdek

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You can spend unforgettable days among the untouched natural beauties of Erdek Bay and Kapıdağ Peninsula. With its close location to big cities such as Istanbul, it is an ideal address for both day trips and weekend and summer holidays. Erdek, one of Balıkesir's most developed districts with tourism opportunities; It attracts thousands of people every year with its hotels suitable for every budget, fish restaurants lined up by the beach and entertainment venues.

What to Do in Erdek?

What can you do in Erdek? For example, you can join the nature walks organized every season of the year among the pine forests of the Kapıdağ Peninsula. Or you can visit villages that preserve their peaceful atmosphere, such as Ocaklar Village, Narlı Village and Ormanlı Village. You can also swim to the fullest in the glass-clear waters of Ocaklar Beach, Turanköy Beach and Çuğra Beach in Erdek or take wonderful underwater photos by diving. In summer, you can join boat trips organized every day; You can also explore the hidden coves and historical treasures by visiting the most touristic islands of the Marmara Sea, Avşa Island, Marmara Island, Paşalimanı Island.

In addition to nature lovers, Erdek also attracts the attention of history and culture enthusiasts with its huge temples in settlements of thousands of years, such as the Ancient City of Kyzikos.

You can explore Erdek, which is one of the most popular addresses for relaxing holidays and where you can make an unforgettable trip in every season of the year, by reading our article.

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Top Tourist Attractions Places in Erdek

1. Avşa Island

Avşa Island

You can easily reach Avşa Island, the most touristic island of the Marmara Sea, by boats and ferries that you can find every hour in the summer months in Erdek. Avşa Island is home to many beauties worth seeing. Avşa Island, where ferry services are organized every day from big cities such as Istanbul and Çanakkale, is preferred for both weekend trips and summer holidays.

You can enjoy the deep blue sea with beautiful beaches such as Altınkum Beach, Ladies Beach, Yiğitler Beach and coves surrounded by pine trees on Avşa Island. You can take walks among the untouched natural beauties and discover mausoleums, historical churches, monasteries and temples from the Roman and Byzantine periods.

There are boutique hotels, apart hotels and family pensions with sea views suitable for all budgets on the island. You can spend romantic evenings with sunset views accompanied by fresh seafood at the fish restaurants serving by the beach. Watching the magnificent views of the Marmara Sea and Avşa Island from Şahin Hill, walking among the historical mansions decorated with flowers in the narrow streets and buying handmade souvenirs in the bazaar are among the things you should do on Avşa Island.

2. Marmara Island

Marmara Island, which is the largest of the islands in the Sea of Marmara and can be easily reached by ferryboats from Erdek in approximately 1.5 hours; It offers a pleasant trip with its untouched natural beauties, clean beaches, historical beauties and a peaceful atmosphere.

The boutique hotels, aparthotels and pensions hidden among the pine trees of the island, where olive cultivation, viticulture and fishing are common, attract a lot of attention by holidaymakers fleeing the big cities on weekends and during the summer months.

In Marmara Island, which is home to 4 villages surrounded by centuries-old plane trees, olive groves and pine forests such as Çınarlı Village and Gündoğdu Village, you can go on guided trekking tours and bicycle trips throughout the year, explore quiet villages, and enjoy a beautiful day by tasting traditional delicacies prepared with organic products. you can spend.

On Marmara Island, where you will have an unforgettable day at Şifalı Su Beach, Manastır Beach and Çınarlı Beach, where the healing spring waters mix with the clean sea, you can see the underwater riches closely by snorkeling, scuba and tubeless diving in the clear sea. Do not forget to take a walk on the long beach of Marmara Island, which attracts attention with its seaside restaurants where you can taste romantic dinners accompanied by fresh seafood, roadside cafes, entertainment centers and shops where you can buy local souvenirs.

3. Kapıdağ Peninsula

Kapidag Peninsula, on which Erdek district was founded; It is one of the natural paradises that you should definitely discover on your trip with its coves hidden in every corner, blue flag beaches and hotels designed in harmony with nature.

You will witness all the color tones of the sea and nature on the Kapıdağ Peninsula, which is surrounded by touristic islands such as Paşalimanı Island, Avşa Island and Marmara Island and where you can visit both its bays and islands by taking boat tours. You can also explore the untouched natural beauties of the peninsula, which covers an area of approximately 300 square kilometers, with nature walks and photo safaris organized throughout the year.

You can enjoy the sea on the fine sandy beaches of Manastır Bay, Büyükova Bay, Küçükova Bay, Erdek Beach and Tatlısu Beach on the Kapıdağ Peninsula, where you can witness fascinating underwater riches by scuba and scuba diving.

4. Ocaklar Beach

You can easily go to Ocaklar Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sea to the fullest on your Erdek trip, and a popular daily excursion route, with a 15-minute minibus ride from the district. Ocaklar Beach, which won a blue flag award for its clean and clear sea and attracts a lot of attention with its 3-kilometer golden sandy beach, is an ideal address for both swimming with fish shoals all day and for picnics or camping.

With its calm and shallow sea, the water temperature reaches 25 degrees in the summer months at Ocaklar Beach, which is one of the most preferred beaches in Erdek by families with children. In addition to the touristic facilities where you can rent sun loungers and parasols, you can also find various water sports opportunities. You can take a walk in the evenings on the beach surrounded by olive and pine trees and witness the fascinating sunset views.

After enjoying the deep blue waters all day, you can stop by Ocaklar Village, which is a short walk from the beach, and finish the day by tasting fresh seafood and traditional village dishes.

5. Edincik

The town of Edincik, lying on the coast of the Marmara Sea just south of Erdek, is a preferred address for day trips with its stone and wooden architectural houses that have survived from the Ottoman period and its fascinating coastline with pine forests. You can have a pleasant journey to the Ottoman period in the historical streets of the town, which is only 17 kilometers away from the center of Erdek and can be easily reached with a 25-minute journey by the Edincik minibuses you can find every hour.

During your tour, where you can see the Çınardibi Mosque, one of the oldest structures in the region, built in 1368, you can also stop by the Centennial Martyrs' Cemetery, which is home to 600-year-old Ottoman-era cemeteries. While visiting Edincik, don't forget to see the 650-year-old plane tree up close, on which Orhan Gazi's Son Süleyman Pasha tied his horse, offering a fascinating view with its 30 meters length and 6 meters width. You will experience a relaxing day among historical and natural beauties in the town where you can see the Ottoman period lifestyle closely by visiting the interiors of the 200-year-old Edincik houses decorated with period furniture and antiques, some of which have been converted into museums today.

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