The 10 Best Beaches in Turkey

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While making our summer holiday plans, the pleasure of the sea is usually in the first place. In this sense, Turkey is a very lucky country because it has many coves with world-famous beaches. We have listed Turkey's most popular and most beautiful beaches in the Aegean and Mediterranean. By looking at this list, you can plan your vacation or include these routes in your trip.

Here are the 10 most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Turkey...

Best Beaches in Turkey

Turkey's natural beauties are endless. The most beautiful beaches from the Aegean to the Mediterranean always offer their beauty with all the details. Turkey's most beautiful beaches are always addresses with features that make everyone relax.

1. Kaputas Beach, Antalya

Kaputas Beach, Antalya

Kaputaş Beach, located between Kaş and Kalkan, is the most frequented spot for holidaymakers every year. Although its immaculate nature attracts everyone for camping, the beach is also full. The coolness of the sea is perfect to relieve stress and enjoy the summer. Reaching Kaputaş Beach is a bit difficult and troublesome. But it's worth the fun here. Tour groups come by boat to this place, which is one of the most beautiful stops of passengers, and prefer to have a good time.

2. Çıralı Beach, Antalya

Çıralı Beach, Antalya

Çıralı Beach is a famous beach in Antalya, right next to Olympos, which is covered with pine forests and famous for its tree houses. The beach, which can be reached by passing through the ancient city, brings everyone to ice-cold waters. The ancient city is located in a lush nature. You can reach here by following the natural pathway. Çıralı Beach is also home to Caretta Carettas. With this aspect, it is one of the special beaches. You can camp in the green nature behind the beach or enjoy the tree houses.

3. İztuzu Beach, Muğla

İztuzu Beach, Muğla

Iztuzu Beach has a different feature from other beaches. It is located between sea water and fresh water. With this rare feature, it also takes the feature of being one of the most visited beaches. It is also known as "Turtle Beach", because, like Çıralı Beach, Caretta Carettas lay their eggs here. It is forbidden to enter the beach between 20:00 in the evening and 08:00 in the morning during the spawning period of the turtles. Along with the ancient city around Iztuzu Beach, there are many places to visit nearby. In addition, we can say that the nature and the existence of living species make this beach worth seeing.

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4. Sarımsaklı Beach, Ayvalık, Balıkesir

Sarımsaklı Beach, Ayvalık, Balıkesir

Sarimsakli Beach, located in Ayvalık, is one of the most famous beaches of the North Aegean. There are businesses for all your needs in this 8 km long beach. The sea is clear and the sand is shimmering, close to white. Sarimsakli Beach also has positive effects on human health. It is said that the most beautiful sands of Turkey and even the world are here. So much so that it has been included among the best sands in the world by the World Health Organization with the radiation interactions in its sand.

5. Patara Beach, Antalya

Patara Beach, Antalya

Another beach in Antalya where you can enjoy the sea in the ancient city is Patara Beach. The beach next to this ancient city in Kalkan is a 12 km long shallow sea. It is also suitable for windsurfing as the wind is never lacking. Patara Beach is a beach that attracts the attention of many people from around the world. So much so that Patara Beach was chosen as the cleanest beach in Europe by British travel writers. Here, sea turtles lay their eggs in caretta carettas.

6. Bodrum Ortakent Kargi Beach, Muğla

Bodrum Ortakent Kargi Beach, Muğla

There are many large and small beaches in Bodrum's coves such as Türbükü, Yalıkavak and Torba. But one of the biggest and most famous is Camel Beach in Ortakent. It is also called Kargı beach, but it got the name Camel Beach because of the camel that drives the tourists here. There are also beach operations and restaurants around the sandy beach. The sandy beach of Kargı Beach has such a fascinating view that it is a view that stretches into eternity. Among the sands of the beach, lilies that are rare in the world appear.

7. Altınkum Beach, Çeşme, İzmir

Altınkum Beach, Çeşme, İzmir

One of the cleanest seas of Çeşme, which is famous for its beach clubs, is Altınkum Beach. The beach, which is 10 minutes away from the center of the town, is a little small but clean. The sea of the beach, named after its golden sands, is clean and slowly deepens. Especially those who do not feel very experienced in swimming or families with children prefer this beach. However, the water of the sea is cold compared to other beaches of Çeşme. Even on the hottest days, the water is cold, of course, because the taste of cooling off by swimming in the ice-cold sea in the summer heat is different.

8. Phaselis Beach, Antalya

Phaselis Beach, Antalya

Another famous beach in Antalya is Phaselis Beach between Kemer and Tekirova. The clarity of the sea is worth seeing in this area covered with pine forests. Moreover, you can visit the ancient city Phaselis right at the bottom of the sea. It will be very enjoyable to swim among the ruins of the old harbor. You can also do water sports here. Transportation here is provided by sea.

9. Ölüdeniz (Butterfly Valley), Muğla

Ölüdeniz (Butterfly Valley), Muğla

Located in Fethiye district of Muğla, the valley is a dream-like place. We can say that Ölüdeniz is the promotional face of Turkey. This is one of the most important beaches not only in Turkey but also in the world. It has a calm sea without waves, like a natural lake. Famous for its sea and nature, Butterfly Valley fascinates every visitor. More than 80 species of butterflies live here. In the place that takes its name from these butterfly species, if nature is a wonderful sea, it says hello with all its blueness.

10. Hisaronu, Marmaris, Muğla

Hisaronu, Marmaris, Muğla

There are many beautiful coves and beaches on the Marmaris - Datça road, but the most famous of them is Hisarönü Bay. Hisarönü Bay is a destination that blends the beauties of these two towns. The bay, which has been the choice of tourists from different parts of the world especially in recent years, is surrounded by pine forests and decorated with bougainvillea. In addition to its tile-colored sands and clean air, the sea is clean and shallow. Therefore, it is very safe to swim as a family. In addition, Hisarönü Bay is thought to be good for asthma and heart diseases because the air is clean and humid. In other words, if you prefer Hisarönü Bay in search of a clean beach, you can both swim in a clean beach and find healing. The wind is not missing in Hisarönü, which is also a frequent destination for boats. There are fishermen and small pensions around.

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