Best Time to Visit Istanbul

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If you are considering traveling to the megacity of Istanbul and are unsure about when to make this journey, you are in the right place. We share information that will make it easier for you to answer the question of when to visit Istanbul. Let's start by talking about the weather, allowing you to more easily determine which season is more comfortable for you.

Which Season to Visit Istanbul

It is known that Istanbul has its own beauty in every season. However, for those who want to explore a lot, it should be added that the most ideal season is spring or summer. If you prefer exploring in less rainy and clearer weather, you may consider traveling between June and September. Especially between these months, it is quite ideal to explore the beaches and coastal areas of Istanbul. But we would like to make a small warning at this point. During this period, prices in Istanbul tend to be slightly higher.

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When is Accommodation and Dining More Affordable in Istanbul

If you want to experience the rich culture of food and drink while wandering around the city, then you should consider the ideal period as March, April, and May. This period is one of the times when the number of tourists coming to the city is the least. This situation also brings with it somewhat lower prices. We can say that not only food and drink prices but also the overnight per person accommodation fees in hotels in Istanbul are relatively lower during these months.

Therefore, if you want to minimize your accommodation expenses, you can plan your trip to travel within these 3 months we listed. By the way, we will also inform you about when the most affordable flight ticket policy is applied for flights to the city.

It would be beneficial to briefly discuss the air temperature. The average temperature in Istanbul is between 18 and 27 degrees Celsius. However, it should be noted that temperature values ​​drop significantly in the winter, and since snowfall also occurs, traffic problems are more intense during these periods.

Therefore, visiting Istanbul in the winter, especially when there is snow, will mean that you have to spend a long time in traffic. Therefore, we recommend that you travel to Istanbul in spring and summer.

When are Istanbul Flight Tickets Cheaper

One of the most curious things is when the plane tickets become cheaper. In fact, there is no clear answer to the question of when the cheap price advantage of Istanbul flight tickets is valid. In other words, we cannot talk about a month or a season and say that the ticket prices are cheaper during this period, as this would be misleading. Because ticket prices can fluctuate throughout the year. Therefore, our recommendation is to purchase the most affordable Istanbul flight ticket throughout the year from the Pegasus website, which allows you to buy your ticket. Pegasus applies a reasonable price policy throughout the year, and within this framework, the prices can be relatively lower compared to other airlines. Therefore, if you choose this airline, it is possible to encounter ticket prices that always make you smile. Usually, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings, flight ticket prices can be offered for sale at slightly more affordable prices.

If you prefer to travel in the early hours of the night on these days, it may be possible to buy your plane ticket at much more reasonable prices. Therefore, before buying your plane ticket, be sure to visit By selecting the period you want to travel, you can definitely review when the ticket prices are more affordable on which day and at what time. This way, you can use the budget you have set aside more efficiently and use the remaining amount for your Istanbul trip.

When are Istanbul Festivals Held

If you want to participate in enjoyable culture and art festivals held in Istanbul when you travel, we can provide you with a short list of when each festival is organized.

Istanbul Film Festival - April Filmekimi - October International Music Festival - June Jazz Festival - July Shopping Fest - July Book Fair - October and November International Dance Festival - March"

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