Best Things to Do in Fethiye

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While Fethiye is renowned for its beaches and coastline, a visit to Fethiye encompasses more than just swimming and sunbathing. The town offers a plethora of activities and attractions to explore. Let's uncover the finest experiences Fethiye has to offer!

Top Things to Do in Fethiye

Experience Paragliding in Ölüdeniz

Experience Paragliding in Ölüdeniz

Paragliding is a liberating and adrenaline-packed extreme sport! Considered an air sport, paragliding provides the opportunity to witness all the colors of nature from a bird's-eye view, making it a must-try activity in Fethiye. Paragliding in Ölüdeniz doesn't require any expertise, and with licensed pilots guiding you, this extreme sport promises an incredible experience when combined with the unique winds of Ölüdeniz.

There are specific fees for paragliding in Ölüdeniz, and the amount you need to pay can vary depending on factors such as the details of the service and the time duration. However, the unforgettable experience you'll have in Fethiye is priceless and will leave a lasting impression on your life!

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Explore the Captivating Kayaköy Ruins

Explore the Captivating Kayaköy Ruins

With its extensive and storied history, Fethiye is brimming with ancient ruins, monuments, and historical sites. Yet, few are as captivating as the Kayaköy Ruins. The remnants of abandoned churches and houses that once belonged to the local Greek community create an air of mystery. Exploring this ancient settlement can provide deeper insights into the area's rich history.

Embark on Nature Walks in Saklıkent Canyon

Embark on Nature Walks in Saklıkent Canyon

Fethiye, with its captivating natural beauty, boasts a must-visit location: Saklıkent Canyon. This canyon, discovered by a local shepherd in 1988, stands out as one of the most popular attractions for both local and international tourists, drawing large crowds throughout the season. Nevertheless, engaging in nature walks in the canyon remains one of the most beautiful activities to experience in Fethiye.

To enter the canyon, you need to pay a fee of 23 TL as of 2023. Along the stream flowing through the enchanting natural beauty of the canyon, you can take nature walks and stroll along the pier to enjoy breathtaking views. As the canyon is located within a national park, it hosts various facilities, allowing you to meet your dining needs during your visit.

Admire Xanthos Ruins

Admire Xanthos Ruins

For history and architecture enthusiasts, the Xanthos ruins, situated approximately 60 kilometers from Fethiye, present an intriguing opportunity. Perched on a hill near the Xanthos River, these well-preserved ruins from the ancient city hold remarkable grandeur. Within the remains lie Roman baths, shops, tombs, and an expansive theater.

Discover the Rock Tombs of Tlos

Discover the Rock Tombs of Tlos

The Rock Tombs of Tlos form a remarkable ensemble of historical remains, encompassing an acropolis, an Ottoman fortress and stable, a necropolis, a stadium, an expansive theater, a Christian-era Basilica, a temple, multiple school complexes, and an agora. Situated 30 kilometers away from Xanthos ruins, taking a day to explore these ancient cities will allow you to fully immerse yourself in Fethiye's ancient atmosphere.

Join Boat Tours, Explore the Bays of Fethiye.

Join Boat Tours, Explore the Bays of Fethiye

When it comes to Fethiye, bays are among the most significant natural beauties that come to mind. Fethiye bays, with their fine sands and Blue Flag beaches, continue to be the favorite of tourists every year. If you want to explore the bays, enjoy the sea, and witness various shades of green and blue together, the most important activity you should do in Fethiye is a boat tour! Through a boat tour, you can see and discover multiple bays in a single day. Boat tours, usually lasting the entire day from morning to evening, make stops at different points. This allows you the chance to spend time in multiple bays.

Enjoy Canoeing and Rafting on the Eşen River in Fethiye

Eşen River is considered one of the most valuable rivers in Fethiye, representing the heart of nature. What makes Eşen River a popular destination for millions of tourists every year is its ability to host extreme sports such as canoeing and rafting.

Rafting, an extreme water sport performed with special boats in rivers with high flow rates like Eşen River, is an activity you can experience here. Another widely practiced water sport worldwide, canoeing, manifests itself as paddling. Eşen River provides an ideal setting for both of these extreme water sports, allowing you to embark on these adventures with the guidance of experts.

Experience a Historical Walk on the Lycian Way

The Lycian Way offers a historically significant walking experience, starting from Fethiye and extending to Antalya. It is a walking trail created by marking and mapping certain sections of the paths on the Teke Peninsula. With a length of over 500 kilometers, this route is a must-see during your visit to Fethiye.

Experiencing a walk on this historically significant path is a must-do activity in Fethiye. If you want to complete the entire walk, it takes about 40 days. However, if you are a tourist and only want to walk a specific part, you can do so within your preferred timeframe.

There is no fee for entering the Lycian Way. However, if you are considering joining walking tours, there may be specific fees to pay.

Dive in the Underwater World in Fethiye

Turkey, a location rich in tourism, offers numerous different routes for extreme water sports and activities such as diving. When it comes to underwater diving, the most preferred destination is undoubtedly Fethiye! Diving in Fethiye will provide you with an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. One of the most significant features and advantages of this activity is that you can do it without any prior experience. This activity, which you will do with expert individuals in diving, allows you to enjoy the moment without any concerns, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

There are various fees you need to pay for underwater diving in Fethiye. These fees may vary depending on the company providing the service. However, you can find many companies along the coastal road offering underwater diving services, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Join Fethiye ATV Tours

ATV tours are a highly enjoyable activity that you can participate in with your family or friends. Away from urban life, ATV provides an opportunity to release stress and connect with nature, making it one of the must-try activities in Fethiye.

The activity is named after the ATV, the vehicle used in the tour. ATVs have a similar mechanism to motorcycles but are equipped with large wheels that allow them to navigate challenging terrains, providing a unique and exciting experience.

In Fethiye, there are various tour companies offering ATV tours. The prices for these tours vary, influenced by factors such as the type of vehicles used, the duration of the activity, and the chosen route. However, Fethiye is an ideal location for ATV adventures.

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