Top 5 Rafting Areas in Turkey

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Rafting, which is often preferred by nature lovers because it is very fun and exciting, is being done by more and more people day by day.

Since Turkey is located in a geography with abundant water basins, it has very convenient tracks for rafting. This contributes to the rapid development of rafting sport. This sport, which is carried out in suitable regions of the rivers in Turkey, attracts great attention thanks to the rafting tours organized for the tourists visiting these regions as well as the activities involving professional athletes.

Top 5 Rafting Centers in Turkey

1. Coruh River, Artvin

Coruh River

The Çoruh River, which is Artvin's largest river, is among the 10 most beautiful rivers in the world. One of the most ideal places for rafting with its 169-kilometer track, the region also hosted the World Rafting Championship in 1993. There are 4 tracks according to the difficulty level on the Çoruh River, and the months of May and June are mostly preferred for rafting in the region.

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2. Storm Creek, Rize

Storm Creek

The Fırtına Stream, which runs parallel to the tea gardens, offers an ideal environment for rafting enthusiasts with its 23-kilometer track. In the course, where the difficulty level is up to 5 at various points, the average difficulty level varies between 3 and 4. Some parts of the track, where the Turkish Rafting Championship is also held, are quite stony and challenging. In the creek, which is very suitable for rafting, especially in May - June, it is necessary to be careful as the creek is very dangerous during extremely rainy periods.

3. Köprülü Canyon, Antalya

Köprülü Canyon

Located right next to the Selge Ancient City, Köprülü Canyon has 2 trails of approximately 12 kilometers for both professionals and amateur rafting enthusiasts. Köprüçay is definitely one of the most ideal rafting areas in Turkey, with its refreshing water coming from the Taurus Mountains and its magnificent nature view.

4. Dalaman Stream, Muğla

Dalaman Stream

With its 26-kilometer track with 3-4 difficulty levels, Dalaman Stream attracts a lot of attention from adventure enthusiasts as it is also very easy to reach thanks to the Dalaman Airport in the region. It is possible to do rafting almost every day of the year in the region, which has magnificent natural beauties, but we can say that September and October, when the water level reaches the highest point, are the most suitable times for rafting.

5. Munzur Stream, Tunceli

Munzur Stream

Munzur Valley, which was granted the status of a national park in 1971, is very well known especially by rafting lovers. If you want to enjoy rafting in the region, which is home to magnificent natural beauties, let us state that the rafting area is 8 kilometers away from Tunceli city center. It is difficult to say anything clear about the difficulty level of the approximately 20-kilometer course. We can say that the ideal time for rafting is from May to July, when the snow starts to melt.

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